Monday, July 04, 2005


Awww my co-workers threw a little surprise wedding parteh for me with champagne and all. I should have been tipped off by that 4pm meeting on a friday. *#*! But I digress ... wasn't that so sweet of them. More importantly I got a nice $120 gift certificate from Bed Bath and Beyond. A great gift too since I already know what I want. A cool Zojiroshi neuro fuzzy rice cooker! Just in time too since our existing rice cooker is busted with a capital B. Everyone seems to be raving about this rice cooker and being the kiasu lemming that I am ..I want one too! Features I'm looking forward to:

  • No more scrubbing the pot ... always have to do that with our existing cheapo rice cooker! Rice at the bottom doesn't burn and stick
  • Timer so you can come home to warm rice! (ok ok who am I kidding I probably won't use it. But it just looks so nice and cool!)

Only problem though is the same rice cooker at BBB cost more than at amazon. Hrmmm wonder if they do price matches?