Sunday, August 28, 2005

Park Review

They say that people with kids or dogs know all the best parks in the area. The latter is certainly true for us. Having had Moxie for a while now, we've toured most of the parks in the vincinity. And just when we thought there weren't any more left to explore, we discovered another favorite today! The little Reservoir Park off Route 9 in Chestnut Hill. There's a nice path with plenty of benches and trash cans (very important so you don't have to carry the poop with you) that go all the way around the water. It was breezy, shadey, and so picturesque that we decided to go back in the afternoon for a little picnic. Here's a photo from our excursion:

Notice she's drooling. She desperately wants her treat.

These are the other parks in the area. Let me know if there're others we left out:

1.Arnold Arboretum - In Jaimaca Plain. It's a huge park covering over 250 acres but I didn't find it particularly spectacular. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is much better. haha

2. Boston Commons - Nice place to people watch and for Moxie to meet the city dogs! Cons are that it's hard to find parking.

3. Bowen Playground - Good for daily walks since it's right across the road.

4. Cold Spring Park - A favorite since it's close to our place and dogs can run off leash. There's also a doggy playgroup in the afternoons for the lazy.

5. Chestnut Hill Reservoir - Near Boston College. Parts of the trail is a dirt path. Reservoir Park is way nicer!

6. Reservoir Park - Our new favorite. Great for jogging or catching some rays.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dum dum dee dum

They're finally ready. We finally received CDs of our professionally taken photos from my dad by mail last week. See there are reasons why I haven't been blogging in a while. I've more important things to do like mull over my photos!

Initially I was really dissapointed with the photos because our photographer neglected to take shots of our wedding programs and confetti packets. We put so much time and effort into designing and making those ourselves. I've been bitching and moaning about it for days. So I'm kinda feeling sick of the topic. But today I am feeling slightly generous and will say that for the record I am quite satisfied with the rest of the photos he's taken. *gasp*

Based on my pre wedding shots and wedding day photography experience, I've learnt that choosing the right photographer can only do so much to guarantee the quality of your photos. Yes, I hear you bridezillas out there going ... what you mean it's the luck of the draw? It also depends on a variety of factors like whether the photographer is on form that day or if he's got an inspiration block. It's similar to being an artist. Got mojo = good day. No mojo = bad. Choosing the right photographer will only mean that you'll have a higher likelihood of getting better photos over some amateur who might be a hit or miss. I've seen photos from 'so called' good wedding photographers that were kinda blah.

So if I could do it all over again. I would get 2 good photographers :) and hedge my risks. Great idea eh? Why didn't I think of this before? *sob* Muahahhahhah ... I bet hubs is soo glad that we won't be doing this again.

One of my favorite shots:
The Vows

What's a wedding without the kiss:
The Kiss

You can see the rest of our photos here.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dear Gahment, Why Can't I Vote?

Triggered by tribolum's post I read on and the presidential election fiasco in Singapore, I must say that while it's outrageous most Singaporeans don't get to vote because of the lack of candidates, it is even worst when others don't even qualify based on some other criteria (i.e. me and hubs). I looked up the web site today and was stunned to find that I didn't meet the requirements because I had been out of the country for more than 3 out of the last 5 years. Say what???

Holy schmoly is that really grounds for having your right taken away from you? What have I done to deserve this? Afterall, I am a good, polite Singaporean citizen, with a red passport, pink IC, and a spanking good command of singlish. I don't litter, I am over 21(don't ask), I read the Straits Times daily (ok ok only before they started charging), I have good personal hygiene,I am kiasu, kiasi, though I must admit to my one vice, chewing gum.

According to these rules, if you live overseas you must either be i)a scholar ii) gahment henchman or iii) diplomat to be worthy of a vote. Which leaves out us not so privileged folk. See for yourself:

  • You must have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of two years during the period of five years of being away as of the cut-off date of the Registers of Electors; OR

  • on full-time training or full-time service abroad as a member of the Singapore Armed Forces, or as a public officer or an employee of a Singapore public authority;

  • on full-time training which is sponsored by the Singapore Government or any Singapore public authority;

  • employed outside Singapore by an international organisation of which Singapore is a member, or any other organisation designated by the President under the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore;

  • Could it be because ...
    a) I'm not smart enough? Only stupid people study or work overseas, unless of course they're on a gahment scholarship.
    b) I'm a quitter and quitters don't deserve this privilege.
    c) Or maybe like Gardenia bread, being Singaporean has an expiry date.

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Honeymoon Series Part I - Bali

    After all the wedding madness, we managed to sneak in a short 3-day getaway for a mini-honeymoon. Ok I call it the mini honeymoon because it was too short and I feel jibbed. We need another honeymoon, or a series. (hint hint) :)

    Perhaps my expectations were too high. Hotel Nikko where we stayed was quite mediocre (though the Ritz was probably a hard act to follow). Now I wish we'd stayed somewhere else, like ALila or The Four Seasons (thanks for the rec Gabby, it's too late now) but alas since all our plans were made last minute we weren't able to do much research. We don't even have a Lonely Planet Bali guidebook that we so faithfully buy for each trip. No one to blame but us!

    I was surprised by how quiet Bali was. Kuta, the supposed tourist hub, seemed rather lifeless, so was Jimbaran Bay where we went for seafood. It could be because tourism is down as a result of the Bali bombings, the place just isn't as vibrant anymore. Besides lazing by the beach, we also went snorkeling. Though most of the time I was trying not to get washed away by the currents which were pretty strong. The water wasn't that clear either, though we did get to see an assortment of tropical, brightly colored fish that came up to eat bread from your hands.

    Our hotel room:

    At the beach:

    Saturday, August 06, 2005

    100 Years

    I love the photo montage that hubs dearest created for our wedding. It's set to my favorite Five for Fighting song. I must have watched it a gazillion bazillion times but I never pass up an opportunity to watch it yet again. Too bad the song was recently cheapened in some stupid commercial on channel 5. Damnit I discovered it first ok!

    For those of you who want to see our very very adorable baby photos so nicely arranged in the montage again (hah), we've uploaded the file so you can view the montage here. Be sure to download Flash 8 before viewing the montage since it contains embedded videos. The absolute latest technology. Would you expect any less from hubs? This is all just a teaser for when we actually get our wedding video and photos! Meanwhile I am desperately trying to relive the moment through photos from our friend's cameras. The wedding was so much fun ... can we do it again?

    PS: Pardon the timing in the montage. For some reason the photos cycle at the correct frequency only on hub's computer. Flash is flakey!

    I was born with a full head of hair

    I can touch my toes