Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Belated 4th Anniversary!

I have vague recollections visiting Yosemite as a wee 6 year old kiddo. I remember squeezing into the backseat with the brother & grand parents and picnicking in a meadow with a view of the half dome. Not sure how accurate these memories are however haha

Anyway this means it was time to make a trip back! Here's P & I taking a ride in a Ford Model T. Apparently the car du jour of the time(damn right I'm polishing up on the french). Weird to think that Americans actually drove around Yosemite in those things ...

For comparison :P

No Yosemite post is complete without a photo of the half dome. This is scenic point is "tunnel view", quite aptly named. Who knew old rocks could be this majestic?

Paris Paris

Somehow I've gotten really bad at this blogging thing after a 1 year hiatus. I don't know what to write anymore. Am semi excited today though since we just bought tickets to Paris for Valentines day! I mean Chinese New Year :P Will be meeting up with the in-laws for the annual Peck Family European extravaganza lol

Since this was kinda last minute, there's gonna be lots of planning to do. Hmm a little bummed that it will be cold brrr, Cali has made me weak. What to do what to do. Suggestions welcome!