Monday, June 27, 2005

Damn Fools

I am seriously dealing with twits and nitwits. I write an email to my Bridal Salon yesterday telling them I would like to see photos of my gown before going back. Is this really so unreasonable? As a personal touch (since I know the assistant reads the mail) I say the following:

"Considering the fact that I can't see the dress in person, this is the best plan and would make me feel a lot better. I'm nervous about coming back to a gown I haven't seen, that cannot be modified, I'm sure you understand that being a recent bride yourself."

(All I am asking is for the gown to be complete 1 week before I arrive, and for photos to be taken just incase changes need to be made.)

So get this. The beyotch assistent starts off her reply by telling me to relax!! Then goes on to lecture me on how I should have 100% trust in the designer whilst relating her own pathetic story of how she didn't even see her gown till 2 weeks before her wedding because she had so much confidance in her designer! So what, now I am the unreasonable, neurotic one??? Such f'ing b**crap. I really hate when people have blind faith. Sure your gown designer might be able to guide you on what works or doesn't work for you, though they aren't always right! No wonder I see so many photos of brides who look like f'ing train wrecks. Oh and btw dear assistant, I don't really give a rat's ass for your opinion. I was only saying it to be nice.

Oh and she ends off by saying 'no offense'. F'king A I hate hate hate when people. Such sure know what they really think when they say something like that. Oh and I haven't even started on our wedding coordinator yet...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Mox and the Sea

To escape the sweltering 90 degree heat, we decided to take puppy on a road trip to Rockport,MA. You see we don't have air conditioning in our apartment and we figured the nice cool air conditioned car would be a good change from our stuffy apartment! We've actually been to Rockport several times before though never in the summer time.

Thanks to me we got lost finding the town center and somehow stumbled upon the Halibut Point State Park. This park is pretty cool as it used to be a granite quarry (unfortunately no swimming is allowed inside). The trail also leads to the beach, though don't expect the traditional sandy beach. The flat smooth rocks go all the way into the water. Very cool! Puppy got her first taste of the ocean. She seemed somewhat apprehensive as she stepped into the water. She even tried to sit down but then her furry butt got all wet. So cute ... indeed Retriever she is not ;)

Me and puppy enjoying the cool sea water as it swept over our feet/paws:

After our little hike we headed to Bearskin Neck for food. They've got such yummy treats there, but that's for another post. Here's a picture teaser.

Puppy barking at the huge orange buoy at the town center:

Friday, June 24, 2005


Last weekend, we finally decided it was time to stop procrastinating and head to the Chestnut Hill mall in search of a wedding band for yours truely. We'd previously stopped by Tiffany's and unfortunately (or fortunately for the fiance) none of the rings there were to my liking. In the past couple months we'd also checked out a couple other stores but nothing I liked. I knew I wanted something sparkly with diamonds but most of ones I'd seen were too gaudy for my little E.T. fingers. Though it seems that trend in the US is towards bling. :p

Our first stop was Shreve Crump and Low. They had the best selection of rings I'd seen so far and the one ring I was looking for! A micro pave diamond eternity band!! I was really dissapointed when the lady told me that since it was an eternity band it would take 4-6 weeks for them to custom make one in my size. (We are leaving for SG in less than 3 weeks) The nice lady however managed to have the order expedited. So yay now I'll get to pick up my ring before I leave! :)

Reasons why I love this ring. Since I'll be wearing it with my e-ring, it's not too gaudy and doesn't draw away attention from the main diamond. It's also pretty enough to wear it on its own. Oooh sparkley ... I likey!

A similar band from Bluenile:

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The BEST Wedding Gift!

Dear ins, I apologize for all the complaints I've had about you. You are not slow, you are not inefficient, your employees do not sit around all day and snack on bonbons. They do not take 3 weeks off during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July fourth. Thank you for sending us our long awaited green card today. Thank you for not making us stand in line with the other aliens at customs :). We promise to make good use of it on our way back from SG in July.

As every true FOB knows, the green card journey is a long one fraught with many perils. Your company might stop sponsoring petitions, your labor cert might be rejected, you might be laid off, the process can take years. The list goes on. Hypothetically, now I can get fired, I can switch jobs, I can move to a different state, I can go back to school. Woohoo! The wealth of options! Now how shall we celebrate ... oh and more importantly what am I to do now that I can't bitch and moan about our gc anymore???

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Supersize Me

I walk into a meeting last week and I hear "and MINI she probably doesn't even eat'. Throughout the rest of the meeting I tried to give her the look of death. See I am sick of this kind of talk coming from people. Just because I am not grossly obese does not mean I don't have a healthy appetite. I get all these snide comments from people and its really starting to irritate me. Here's a sampling:

- Oh you ate a whole cookie? that is like me eating a whole cake (yeah thanks, you're quite a beast?!)
- Uh oh you're going to get fat on that piece of cake (substitute with brownie, chocolate, cookie etc.) (thanks?!)

Hey this seems like reverse discrimination. Now its ok to make fun of the person who isn't fat? Do people actually think a comment like this is a compliment? Can they not contain their jealousy? Am I over reacting? Fiance thinks I am. Now can someone help me think of a good comeback?? All I can do now is give a lame fake smile.

Disclaimer: I am of a normal weight. I'm not even considered thin in asia. I wear a medium. I also eat a lot (though slowly). Sometimes I scare myself with how much I can eat. Fiance never fails to remind me that the portions I eat are the same as his. And he's 160lbs (the last time he weighted *chuckles*). I think he wants my left overs.