Friday, June 24, 2005


Last weekend, we finally decided it was time to stop procrastinating and head to the Chestnut Hill mall in search of a wedding band for yours truely. We'd previously stopped by Tiffany's and unfortunately (or fortunately for the fiance) none of the rings there were to my liking. In the past couple months we'd also checked out a couple other stores but nothing I liked. I knew I wanted something sparkly with diamonds but most of ones I'd seen were too gaudy for my little E.T. fingers. Though it seems that trend in the US is towards bling. :p

Our first stop was Shreve Crump and Low. They had the best selection of rings I'd seen so far and the one ring I was looking for! A micro pave diamond eternity band!! I was really dissapointed when the lady told me that since it was an eternity band it would take 4-6 weeks for them to custom make one in my size. (We are leaving for SG in less than 3 weeks) The nice lady however managed to have the order expedited. So yay now I'll get to pick up my ring before I leave! :)

Reasons why I love this ring. Since I'll be wearing it with my e-ring, it's not too gaudy and doesn't draw away attention from the main diamond. It's also pretty enough to wear it on its own. Oooh sparkley ... I likey!

A similar band from Bluenile:


gracie said...

wah velly nice =)

matreshka said...

Ggggggggrreat taste!

Think your diamonds are bigger than mine... but i shall be appreciative of what i have. hee hee. Bern said not to let his fiancee see it. kekeke.

mini said...

*high 5* :) that isn't the actual ring. mine is more like diamond dust ..don't know why they even call it diamonds pffft :p! hey but bern already got their rings! bvlgari can?? hehe