Friday, January 25, 2008

Off to Safari Land!

Ahh sipping a carrot orange ginger drink at a Crush Cafe. Last day of work! Woohoo!

DH will be here on Saturday! :D ... then we're off to safari land. Have it all planned out. Robben Island on Saturday then Camps Bay. On Sunday we'll head to Table Mountain in the morning then it's off to the Winelands for some wine tasting and gorging on food. Thinking of lunch at Le Petit Ferme and dinner reservations at Reubens.

Oh and before we leave for the "real" safari, here's me at the "zoo" safari. Apparently cheetahs can be tamed. I want one as a pet! Valentines day gift ... anyone? :)

Good Cheetah ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Starbucks? That's ok ...

While Starbucks has already invaded China, it hasn't made it to South Africa. Perhaps because they have way better coffee options?

We've spent our mornings so far trying each of the little shops along main street in Green Point. Been to Kauai, a health food type place, Melissa's, News Cafe (free internet!), and Giovanni's Deliworld. But the super best one is Vida e Caffe (south african chain)!! Great coffee and cream filled croissants for the morning mmmmmmm ... I'm going to miss it.

Just emailed them to see if they sell tshirts :P

Vida E Caffe

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to the REAL SA

Everything here's been pretty good so far....except for the rolling black outs! wtf!And check out what was in the news this morning. OMG!!!

* 500 People stuck on Table Mountain overnight
* 37 Stuck in cable car! Had to be saved by search and rescue

We were just there too ....

pix 957

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cape of Good Hope!

Do you guys remember this from our history texts? Also home to the Flying Dutchman. We headed down here last weekend and even saw some ostriches and horned animal in the wild albeit from a distance haha.

Cape of Good Hope!

Supposedly the southernmost tip of Africa (or that's what they tell tourists) but not really!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello from Cape Town

I got in on Saturday but internet is hard to come by. There's a monopoly by the broadband companies so it's expensive and not very accessible. We do get it at work but via dialup .... hmmmm. Anyhoo will be uploading photos as we go along!

Check out the gorgeous scenary at Camps Bay. Mountains in the back ocean in the front!

Camps Bay & The Seven Apostles

Wish the hubs was here because I am not a very good photographer and can't capture half the beauty of the place :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

In Transit

Taking a night flight to London is not a good idea. Got in at 8am which is like 3am Boston time. Didn't get much sleep since I was watching Atonement on the plane (it was good!). Stumbled over to Yotel that z & s told us about. The annoying part though is that it is in Terminal 4 and my connection is in 3. Arghk! Oh well anyway I was grateful to get a bed and shower since I could feel a headache coming along from lack of sleep.

Yotel room, 6 pounds an hour. Pretty clever though still kinda expensive. Beats sleeping on a chair though!
pix 129

Hope I'll have internet before I get to work in Cape Town!

OK off to catch the next plane soon.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We invited some friends over and cooked dinner. It's really fun when you have time cuz it took us all day and the day before! Here's Moxie doing her job. We never have to clean the floor while we're cooking because she laps it all up haha. Though she has a knack of getting in your way which is annoying .... ok will add that to her new year's resolution ...

"Rrruff what's in the oven, maybe something will fall from the heavens" - Miss Moxie
Moxie doing her job

The Menu

Yellowtail cerviche
Honey roasted leg of lamb
Shitake risotto
Ratatouille (copied from the movie!)
Belgian brownie with wildflower mousse
Oh and forgot photos of our Apple Soju Cocktail :D

Ratatouille ...Honey Roasted Leg of LambRisotto with Shitake and AsparagusYellowtail CervicheBelgian Brownies

Because it's new year's I feel obliged to make some resolutions, hmm how about for Moxie:

1) Get Mini to brush my teeth everyday
2) Lose 3 lbs by eating less. Do doga!
3) Get mini a job so she can buy me goodies
4) Do a better job cleaning the kitchen floor but not get in people's way
5) Stop shedding
6) Master the art of being quiet when raiding the coffee table or I will get busted.

xoxo Moxie

Eh brain dead now ....