Friday, January 25, 2008

Off to Safari Land!

Ahh sipping a carrot orange ginger drink at a Crush Cafe. Last day of work! Woohoo!

DH will be here on Saturday! :D ... then we're off to safari land. Have it all planned out. Robben Island on Saturday then Camps Bay. On Sunday we'll head to Table Mountain in the morning then it's off to the Winelands for some wine tasting and gorging on food. Thinking of lunch at Le Petit Ferme and dinner reservations at Reubens.

Oh and before we leave for the "real" safari, here's me at the "zoo" safari. Apparently cheetahs can be tamed. I want one as a pet! Valentines day gift ... anyone? :)

Good Cheetah ...


Joanna Goddard said...

wow! such a crazy photo!!!! have a wonderful trip xoxo

Rhys said...

way cool! My favoritest wild animal!