Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Actually, I wanted to post this cute zebra photo for V'day. BUT my photo won't resize properly and it looks all bad now! *Growl* I hate flickr. Ever since yahoo bought it over it's gone to the dogs. :(

On a less grouchy note I got new UGG boots (chocolate color) from DH for V'day! I know I know, I'm 4 years late to the game and its teeny boppery but but I'm tired of freezing my toes .... :P

Oh and you can see the zebra pic I wanted to post here.


Rhys said...

Aww, sweet picture!

Inspira said...

I LOVE UGG. Tried them on in Melbourne in 06 when it was freakily freezing!

mini said...

they are soooo soft and warm's like walking on cushions! though my australian friend says only "country" folk wear them there hehe