Friday, September 28, 2007

My Wild Animal Photo Collection

The highlight of my trip to Sichuan this summer was *drumroll* ---- pandas! No lawsuits so they let you do things that would never be allowed in the US :P

So cute right?
Me & the Red Panda


And the & jiaozhi! PS: Pandas are stinkeeeeeee
Me and ze beear

This is ghetto panda:
Errant Panda Cub ...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mouldy Bread

Ahh my blog has been neglected for too long. I think it's growing mildew and cobwebs kekke.

Since my last post, I am back in Beantown. :( Kinda toured asia .... Sichuan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Cambodia. Got a tan and eyelash extensions. The darned extensions are now unruly .... *sniff*

And *drumroll* I found this at super88 the other day! It reallly tastes like nai cha!! I <3 it !!!!