Monday, August 21, 2006

10 Years Ago

Feeling nostalgic since I just started b-school on Monday. While sitting in a review session, it suddenly dawned on me that exactly 10 years ago I was starting out as a freshman in college. I've come a full circle. Damn I'm old!

10 Years ago ...

1. I was a teenager *gasp*
2. I lived away from home for the first time
3. I experienced my first hurricane
4. There were no ipods ... but napster was alive and everyone had a shared folder full of illegal music. ahh those were the days
5. The chat client of choice was ICQ
6. Few people in the US had cell phones!
7. Kids went to school with desktops instead of laptops
8. No Google
9. Oasis, Spice Girls, Smashing Pumpkins were popular
10.The TV series, Beverly Hills 90210 was still hip

This would make a fun tag me thinks. Blog about what you were doing 10 years ago and what you remember from that time. I tag in no particular order... Gracie, Bloated Tomato, Dewberry, S*, e*, Singaporegrrl, matreshka and anyone else who wants to join in the fun. =)

Can you spot me? I'm picking up my nametag on the first day.
First Day

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starwars at Tanglewood

Headed down to Tanglewood with Z and S on Saturday to watch the BSO rehersal play music from Star Wars and Memoirs of a Geisha. Tanglewoods is beautiful. It's set in the hills of the Berkshires with a spectacular view, about 2.5hrs from Boston.

Star Wars Theme. As DH put it ... it's just like the CD but live! Too bad I'm not much of a star wars fan hehe.

It's Yo Yo Ma!
Inside the Shed

That's all the photos we got before the pesky volunteers stopped us from taking photos. :p Was hoping to catch one of James Earl Jones (he was dressed in a white suite like Colonel KFC haha). All in all it was fun. Will bring stuff for a picnic in future.

And that's all folks, strangely DH got the stomach flu and we had to go home early.

Triple Savins

With a $40,000 tuition bill looming and no income, I need to cut back on my shopping. No more frivolous expenses! I sure did myself proud today. Resisted the urge to buy too much at the mall and left with only 4 items. Hey, that calls for enormous restraint on my part. Here's my haul!

1) Cutest MJ inspired pumps from Payless! Only $17.99. They'll be great for fall with black tights. Savings: $260

2) Michael Kors inspired pumps, again from Payless (I got them in black suede). Compare with actual Michael Kors Newtons. They make me tall! Savings: $170.96

3) Bought nailpolish instead of getting a manicure. Savings: $15. Substituted Maybelline store brand instead of my usual O.P.I. Double savings: $5!

4) Garnier hair coloring $6.99. Highlights seem to be growing out again. Savings: $135 since I didn't get it done at the salon!

Total Savings Today: $585.96 *ding ding* ;)

Haha ok so the math is all weird but I think I did good.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back Burned and Bruised!

We made it back! I must say we really subjected ourselves to some torture this vacation but damnit ... it was worth every minute. OK not every minute, there were times in Quito when I wished I was home, but the Galapagos islands were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This is the place for you if you love animals. I've already decided to bring our kids back there (if we have ever kids hehe). :)

Sealions a plenty:
Darwin Bay Beach on Genovesa

Now time for the whining. I got sun burned on my back, and I don't usually get burned. My stomach hasn't been feeling good either the entire trip. No full blown stomach sickness but general discomfort. Urhgk. DH had to reach for the cipro (for diarrhoea) twice. I didn't think the altitude in Quito would affect me but damnit it did. AMS (acute mountain sickness) that's what it's called. My head hurt like hell, nauseau, general sluggishness, and a tingling in my fingers. EEEEKs!

In the Galapagos there were boat rides from hell to battle. The journeys in the smaller boats were rough. The swells were up to 5ft. Imagine the bottom of the boat slamming as it hits the trough. The thud reverberates through your entire spine. And this happened every 30 seconds. We endured this for 6 hours albeit broken up into 2 hr chunks. I think we deserve an award. Thankfully I didn't get seasick. Some other people weren't so lucky!

In Quito there were busrides from hell. Notice a theme here? 2 hours through the winding mountains. The smell of onions mixed with cheap perfume permeating the stale air and some american kung fu movie dubbed in spanish blaring on the tv on the bus. Strangely Ecuadorian public transport always has some form of entertainment such as music or a tv. I've never been so glad to get off a bus.

View from the bus:

So to end it off, we decided to take it easy with a day of horseback riding around Cotopaxi (volcano). Sounds relaxing huh? It totally wasn't. The next day our inner thighs and backs were hurting. And we still had to run (with all our stuff in tow) to make our connecting flight in Miami! OMG. Thank goodness we didn't fly back today with the heightened security.

OK but don't let that detract from the amazing time we had. =) I'll end off with some photos. More to come in my new travel blog, The Reluctant Adventurer!

Lounging lizard and crabs:
Marine Iguanas and Craberoos

A very birdy couple:
Awww birdy couple

Turtle and I:
Holy Mother of All Tortoises!

Quito Photoset

Galapagos Photoset