Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Triple Savins

With a $40,000 tuition bill looming and no income, I need to cut back on my shopping. No more frivolous expenses! I sure did myself proud today. Resisted the urge to buy too much at the mall and left with only 4 items. Hey, that calls for enormous restraint on my part. Here's my haul!

1) Cutest MJ inspired pumps from Payless! Only $17.99. They'll be great for fall with black tights. Savings: $260

2) Michael Kors inspired pumps, again from Payless (I got them in black suede). Compare with actual Michael Kors Newtons. They make me tall! Savings: $170.96

3) Bought nailpolish instead of getting a manicure. Savings: $15. Substituted Maybelline store brand instead of my usual O.P.I. Double savings: $5!

4) Garnier hair coloring $6.99. Highlights seem to be growing out again. Savings: $135 since I didn't get it done at the salon!

Total Savings Today: $585.96 *ding ding* ;)

Haha ok so the math is all weird but I think I did good.


ghostrider said...


i tink i got the same MJ pumps as u, as i got them frm far east plaza....they also had them in red and also yellow

BloatedTomato said...

haha.. well done gal! can see that you are indeed very prudent with my money :P

mini said...

ghostrider ...I want the ones in red!!!! but they don't have the red ones here ...

tomato ... thanks haha :) of course I could have not bought anything

gracie said...

Good job! Always feels good to find good deals and feels even better if you buy the good deals so naw.... not buying = no satisfaction of getting a good deal = priceless.


mini said...

gracie.. you are ABSOLUTELY right!!! :)