Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MacBook: The Untold Story

MAD does not even describe it. *#*@!! I want to smash my macbook. It started innocently enough about a week ago. I was half way through studying for midterms and the computer just turned off. But I brushed it off ... seemed to be a one off thing.

Come today, it freaking shuts itself down every 3 minutes. I am trying to copy some files over from my hard drive for school and it doesn't even stay on long enough for windows to turn on!@!@! Did some Googling..apparently this is a known problem with MacBooks.... it's called RSS or random shutdown syndrome (aka intermittent shut downs). A heat dissipation problem. *GROWL*

So I took it to the Mac store and they tell me that it'll take 2 weeks to fix (no offer of a loaner either). SAY WHAT? Piece of cr&! *insert more expletives* How hard is it to replace a stupid chip?? And how am I supposed to do my work in the meantime??? I'm handicapped without my MacBook. Annoying Mac store guy then treats me like an irrational psycho by saying that it is impossible to create perfect computers (my fault???). Asswipe then suggests I go to an affiliate who can fix it in 3-5 days. But I'm still pissed. I have to pay $50 for a loaner for a problem with crappy Apple hardware that is no fault of mine (except for being dumb enough to buy one). :(( Oh and it costs an extra $300 for 1 day service. WTF!!!!

Bottom line: I am *#*@#@ pissed and *#! irritated. I've already screamed out loud once from frustration. The least they could do is speed up the repair service and/or offer a loaner. This is ridiculous. Ever heard of customer retention?? My opinion of apple has just gone down the sh1ts. That thinkpad is starting to look real nice.

UPDATE: I brought my MacBook to one of their licensed repair shops and got it back within a day!! I was pretty pleased about that. :) And the RSS seems to have stopped too...for now...*crosses fingers*

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yay for M!

I was really surprised to find a slip from the post office the other day wanting me to go pick up a package from Singapore. Turns it was from Matreshka! The parcel sure made my day especially since I was in the middle of midterms last week. Which are finally over by the way. 3 days of exams back to back only proved how busted my brains have become.

Matreshka ...thanks!!! xoxoxo :D You're the best!

- Hair Mask (I need instructions on how to use this! hehe)
- Guilty Pleasure Korean VCDs ...woohoo!
- Flashing Singapore will be the object of desire at all Singaporean gatherings ;)

Care Package!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last Weekend ...

Went to A and N's wedding over Columbus day weekend. It was a beautiful jewpanese wedding :) on the Abigail K Yacht awwwwww. They paid so much attention to detail, and with the NYC skyline as a backdrop *sniff* gorgeous. I've posted some of the wedding pics I took since I'm a closet ex-bridezilla and I know many of my friends are too! HAHA! I'm so dissapointed that my **#@ camera died before the night was over so I don't have photos of DH making his toast.

I'm particularly proud of this photo. See the skyline in the reflection? HEE
I am getting quite artistic ...

The dining area. The centerpieces were a bottle of sake (japanese) and vodka (russian) surrounded by sunflowers and hydrangeas. Soooo pretty! The flowers in the US are fresher and more gorgeous than those in Singapore. I'm jealous damnit.
Pretty lights!

And it got all gorgeous at sunset, statue of liberty and all. My crappy canon does not do it justice ....
Picture Perfect

Finally ...the newly weds. Congrats guys!!!!We had an awesome time.
The happy family

Need more wedding fix? The rest of the set is here ...

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I didn't expect xy to be at her sister's daughter's b'day party on Saturday but she drove all the way down from NY by herself and showed up! YAY :) Funny thing is that we were wearing exactly the same color?? We didn't even realize till I looked at the photo! LOL

Bloated Tomato..this one's for you :)
OMG we're wearing the same otufit :)

CSI: Beacon Place

Disclaimer: This photo is not for the faint hearted. View at your own peril.

We opened the front door one morning and saw a ripped up bunny on our doormat. Yeah, I kid you not. Its guts were spilled out and different body parts were strewn everywhere. Thank goodness DH had a strong stomach and promptly trashed the dismembered bunnies.

So who done it? I think it's the neighbour's cat ... it was sitting on a deck chair next to the crime scene. Though we examined it for blood and found none ... HRMMMMM