Sunday, October 01, 2006


I didn't expect xy to be at her sister's daughter's b'day party on Saturday but she drove all the way down from NY by herself and showed up! YAY :) Funny thing is that we were wearing exactly the same color?? We didn't even realize till I looked at the photo! LOL

Bloated Tomato..this one's for you :)
OMG we're wearing the same otufit :)


BloatedTomato said...

hahaa.. wat a coincidence! & it's quite an unusual color some more

S* said...

Hey isn't your sister's daughter your ummm niece?

mini said...

good point lol! i'm losing my mind :(

tomato..yah lor..nice color right? hehe

gracie said...

ermm.. just read the comments... do u mean it was YOUR birthday? Wa rau.. why say so round-a-about way? =D I thought u went to a bday party and decided to pose with the balloons.

Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

mini said...

eh no no ...i think i really have to take a writing class now :)

my friend xy (in the photo with me) was attending her niece's b'day party. i was also at the b'day party cuz I know her sister too.