Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Retail Therapy

It's time for an quick update! I was in NYC a couple Fridays ago for a day trip to check out companies in the city. There were a bunch of different club sponsored trips to choose from, finance, marketing, media...but guess which one I chose? The retail one! I figured I should pursue a career in something fun.

We met with people from 3 companies, M**y's, L1m1ted Groups, and Kh13ls. L Groups owns V1cky's S3cr3t and a whole bunch of other brands. K is owned by L'oreal. It was a pretty awesome time. Did I mention the free samples??? We got a huge candle from VS and lipbalm, hair wax, moisturizers from K. Anyway aside from the free stuff, we got to learn about the business and also met the product manager at M*cy'5 who worked with Project Runway (my favorite TV show!). Ahh to be paid to shop and read vogue.

So now it's going ot be a mad race to the finish now. Finals are in 3 weeks and all our papers/projects are due. :( On the bright side we're heading to SF for X'mas. Woohoo! Will also be heading to houst0n in Jan for a case competition. Interviews for internships will be in January. I'm so not looking forward to it. Looks like I won't get to relax much :(