Monday, March 31, 2008

Oi from Rio

I am back! Brazil was awesome. A last trip before graduation and going back to the real world? Sniff. First stop was the beach. Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are all along the same stretch. The beach was nice, but I think I like the cape town beach better :P

Copacabana Beach

The swimming gear of choice in Brazil is the Speedo! Preferred regardless of body type. Of course no trip to Brazil is complete without a visit to Christ the Redeemer.

Christo redeemer with chopped off hand

And a trip to Maracana to watch a soccer match! Though there is evidence to show that I fell asleep during the game. Hey that's what happen when you take the red eye.

Soccer Match

Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm barely packed. But I squeezed in time to paint my toe nails since I get to wear my beloved havianas. Oh and take them home to the motherland. Leaving today! Wheee!!

Photo courtesy of renatapereira from flickr.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tsk Tsk Sarkozy and Random Things

To make Monday go by faster. Amidst unsettling news in the papers, here's Sarkozy (aka President Bling Bling) and his LV Neverfull! I wish someone would run up to me and hand me a free LV sample. Sigh ...

And in other somewhat French related news, I got my long awaited macarons from Tokyo. They were soooo delicious as were the random chocolate cookies that hubs also bought. I am just shocked that he didn't try an extra pastry or two while at Pierre Hermes. Such a shame. MEN!

Anyway my favorites were the jasmine and the rose. The chocolate was just aight. I also couldn't resist sneaking in a photo of Tokyo at dusk (taken by hubs). It looks so cool with the city in greyscale with just a hint of the sun, no photoshop done, I promise, I'm too lazy and unskilled anyway haha.

Oh and in case you're wondering. The macarons were gone in one sitting. Though we did get some help from friends ...

Yum! Mmm! Macarons!

Tokyo Sunset

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For the Shopping Fiends

A bunch of the traditional B&M's have been launching new lines recently. Perhap under pressure to increase revenue? Some interesting ones I've read about recently.

Martin + Osa
: From American Eagle. For the non college crowd.
Madewell 1937: From Jcrew. And I <3 Jcrew!
Gilly Hicks: Abercrombie's foray into lingerie.

The only one I've actually been to is Gilly Hicks. The brand claims to be Australian, but really it's not! The store concept is a bra library, dark and too warm, like all A&F stores. They really just want you to take off all your clothes while inside except no one looks as good as those A&F models. Surprisingly they have pretty cute casual stuff which is refreshing. It is targeted at the college age though, so yeah you shop amongst 16 year olds.

PS: If you visit the site, do so at home not work cuz it's controversial haha

And the best part, they're all at the mall near me. That's going to be my reward for the weekend!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Dream of Sunnier Times

Weather Today: Grey Clouds, Floods Likely

I was just thinking that our big vacation themes lately have been centered around wild animals. I suppose that's because it meets our requirements. Somewhere a little exotic but still luxurious, somewhere where DH can take photos. And some place where I can coo over strange furry animals ... that will probably bite me if given a chance bah....

Next stop Brazil for Spring break! Did you know that Brazil has the largest rodent (capybara), the largest snake (anaconda), and apparently panthers? But I will only be going to Sao Paolo and Rio. Anti-climatic I know. It's a school trip and I sometimes forget that people have to work :P

PS: Sorry for the music I embedded. Music on blogs are tacky and can be scary for the unsuspecting visitor. But I could not RESIST! (Update: Sky music's removed. I forgot that the music never goes away .... post after post after post!)