Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For the Shopping Fiends

A bunch of the traditional B&M's have been launching new lines recently. Perhap under pressure to increase revenue? Some interesting ones I've read about recently.

Martin + Osa
: From American Eagle. For the non college crowd.
Madewell 1937: From Jcrew. And I <3 Jcrew!
Gilly Hicks: Abercrombie's foray into lingerie.

The only one I've actually been to is Gilly Hicks. The brand claims to be Australian, but really it's not! The store concept is a bra library, dark and too warm, like all A&F stores. They really just want you to take off all your clothes while inside except no one looks as good as those A&F models. Surprisingly they have pretty cute casual stuff which is refreshing. It is targeted at the college age though, so yeah you shop amongst 16 year olds.

PS: If you visit the site, do so at home not work cuz it's controversial haha

And the best part, they're all at the mall near me. That's going to be my reward for the weekend!


sky said...

oooo thanks for the heads up! any cute stuff you bought that you can model for us ;)

and... i love you and all, but ummm...the music that turns on whenever i visit your blog is slowly killing my heart...

mini said...

hope i'll have some time to hit the mall next week. and i'm sure you'll be delighted to know I removed the music! lol