Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was in the mood for soda today and on a whim decided to have the cel-ray flavored Dr. Brown's at Zaftig's (a jewish deli where we went for brunch). What I did not know was that cel-ray's short for celery and the soda had a weird celery after taste. Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed it! The flavor was refreshing and wasn't too sweet ... even though a can still has 36g of sugar (I checked).

Oh yes, and zaftig's serves really good brunch ... I had really yummy pancakes with strawberry butter and fruit. The also have challah french toast. I think the ones they serve here look like cakes! Gotta have it next time. But sorry no photos folks, I left the camera in the car.

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Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm going to Hollywood, I mean Cambridge eeeha!!!! I have to share the news because I'm so super dooper excited! Drum roll ... I have been invited for an m b a interview at the one school I applied to. OK I just got notification today and the interview is in a week's time. I'm a nervous wreck now, I need to start preparing pronto!! HELP!! *GASPS for AIR*

I was quite pleased with my essays (shameless) but the next round will be even tougher. Approximately 40% of the applicants are interviewed and of that another 30% will be selected .... I feel like I'm on American Idol. The odds are against me and I don't think I interview well???? :( ... but even if I do get in, will that 90 grand be well spent (that is 90 LV bags thank you)? <- reason to be happy about rejection

OK...a quick poll ... should I wear a skirt suit (more proper?) or a pant suit? I could knock em dead with my killer (*ahem* dry scaly) legs ... or be all preppy in jcrew haha. Gosh of all the things to be worrying about! :p

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


How cool is this? ClustrMaps is a free service that lets you see where visitors to your site are located on a map! I know I know, my blog is obviously on the lower rungs of web stickiness. In fact I'll be wearing its unpopularity like a badge! But still it'll be cool to see. haha

Hrmm looks like this image won't update tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'm not the only visitor ...

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine's Tradition

... no more! We usually celebrate valentine's day by preparing lobster at home (we've done this 2 or 3 years in a row already). This makes celebrating so much easier since you don't have to battle the crowds or worry about where to go :)

Chez MintPatch Dinner Menu
* Oyster Stew
* Pepper Crusted Steak with Red Wine Sauce
* Balsamic Tomatoes and Crinkle Cut Fries
* 1998 Monticello Rioja
* Strawberry Mousse in a Chocolate Shell

This year, we strayed a little from the winning formula. We had steak instead since we weren't particularly in the mood for lobster. I tried to stay true to the seafood tradition though by making a pot of oyster stew. It was also yesterday that I discovered how disgustingly packed with fat cream based soup dishes are. I used a whole quart of half and half and a stick of butter. That's like over a 100g of fat!!! Yes you heard right. See thats why I don't like cooking, for me ignorance is bliss. I can never look at a bowl of chowder the same way anymore.

Look at the candles ... so romantic right? Too bad hubs made me blow them out after 2 minutes :p
Valentine's Day Dinner 2006Valentine's Day Dinner 2006

Hubs is especially proud of the fact that the steak is carmelized on the outside yet juicy on the inside:

I'd like to say I made this ... but I bought it from Whole Foods:
Strawberry Mousse from Whole Foods

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Monday, February 13, 2006

I want to be MADE

Wow yesterday brought the first nor'easter of the season. Weird, this has been an unnervingly mild winter so far. 50 degrees F in February? I should be rejoicing but I know we'll eventually pay for it with some freak snow storm in May when I'm out parading in my new sandals.

Anyway, we were stuck at home all Sunday and ended up watching two movies 3-Iron and The Aviator. An arty one and a hollywood-esque one. Hubs refuses to watch chick flicks, I'm still working on converting him. We also watched like a billion episodes of MTV MADE that I tivo-ed. See MTV makes me feel young and cool again. Woohoo!

If you haven't watched it before, Made is this show where teenagers get transformed into anything they want. Of course the twist is that these kids are the total opposite of what they want to be made into. Think along the lines of loser nerd wants to be a rapper or prissy princess wants to be skater chick.

Hah so I was just thinking, how cool would it be if I could be made into an aerobics/spinning instructor! How totally opposite of couch potato me haha.

Now what would you want to be made into? :)

February Nor'easter

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Smashed Poop

It all started on Thursday when Miss Moxie picked up and ate this awful stinky piece of thing when we were out on our evening walk. It was dark, I couldn't see, so I yelled like a mad woman but nothing would make her spit it out. !*@*!@

Fast forward to Friday she has the runs in the morning. In the evening hubs comes home to a poop fest in the kitchen (good thing I got home late muahah). Then early saturday morning, I wake up to this awful stench smell in the bedroom. Turns out she couldn't hold it in ... and the scariest part was she wasn't able to walk. Her hind legs just refused to hold up :*(

Turns out I don't do very well in stressful situations. I got all freaked out and we rushed her to the emergency vet ... at 5am. The nice vet managed to coax her to walk after a bit and gave her a fluid injection beneath her skin so she won't dehydrate. You can see her little hump in the photo hehe.

She's doing better now, after a long afternoon of looking rather pitiful, crying, and not being able to walk. She can finally stand up with some effort. I'm so relieved I can finally take it out on her for all the worrying. No more sympathy for Mox. She wins an oscar for best corgi actress.

My Humps