Monday, February 13, 2006

I want to be MADE

Wow yesterday brought the first nor'easter of the season. Weird, this has been an unnervingly mild winter so far. 50 degrees F in February? I should be rejoicing but I know we'll eventually pay for it with some freak snow storm in May when I'm out parading in my new sandals.

Anyway, we were stuck at home all Sunday and ended up watching two movies 3-Iron and The Aviator. An arty one and a hollywood-esque one. Hubs refuses to watch chick flicks, I'm still working on converting him. We also watched like a billion episodes of MTV MADE that I tivo-ed. See MTV makes me feel young and cool again. Woohoo!

If you haven't watched it before, Made is this show where teenagers get transformed into anything they want. Of course the twist is that these kids are the total opposite of what they want to be made into. Think along the lines of loser nerd wants to be a rapper or prissy princess wants to be skater chick.

Hah so I was just thinking, how cool would it be if I could be made into an aerobics/spinning instructor! How totally opposite of couch potato me haha.

Now what would you want to be made into? :)

February Nor'easter


matreshka said...

Read abt the heavy snowfall in today's papers. Do you get to skip work today? heh

gracie said...

i also cannot convince my hubs to watch chick-flicks... but we compromise cos I am more fussy about food. So my top priority for now is to train him to be willing to drive more than 20mins to get good food. =D

Milly Me said...

If I could, I want to be MADE into a flat-ab, long-legged shapely chick who has no qualms about spending $1,000 on a keypuch from Prada.

P/S: But don't make me anywhere close to Paris Hilton. Thank you. I want to keep my face. I noticed that her left eye's a Can't describe it but yeah, look closely at her photos - something's with the left eye.

mini said...

m> cannot skip work lah

gracie> good goal :) men can be so stubborn! have you been successful?

mil> don't you already have all that? :)