Friday, December 29, 2006

Sonoma and More

Christmas Tree

We've been so busy since we got to SF Sunday night. Spent Christmas at my aunt's place. I also got to meet the daughter of one of my relatives for the first time. She seemed to like me alot so I have to reciprocate :) she's such a cutie and I got at least 10 hugs from her for no reason awwww. Maybe I'm the youngest person she's met in a while keke

We headed down to Napa's less famous sister, Sonoma on Tuesday. It was raining and I was quite irritated with the weather but we made the best of it. Visited 2 small wineries (Lonely Planet endorsed) which was fun. At least tasting is still free!


The winemaker himself ...

Wednesday we did carmel and the 17mile drive. The ocean is way intimidating in the winter. The surfs were HUGE. It seriously felt like a tsunami was heading our way *gulp* ...


Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

Thursday we picked up bro who came in from Singapore and we're off to LV tomorrow. Probably won't have internet access Happy New Year y'all!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Moxie X'mas Everyone!

I have a little too much time on my hands now that finals are over ... well not really since interviews are looming but I am a procrastinator at heart and I have to stay true to myself.

Halloween Photos!

I know Halloween was like 2 months ago ... but I've finally uploaded the photos! The theme was Japanese. Originally we wanted to be geishas but the white face paint wasn't really cutting it. S and I looked more like The Crow than Sayuri ....

Full Moon


PS. These damn Flickr photos don't resize very well anymore. Grrr! I tried to put up a bigger one and scaling it down but it looks grainy. It used to work! I hate flickr now.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Home Free ... For Now

OMG Finals are over and so is my semester from hell. I am also at least 5 lbs heavier but hey I never have to look at accounting again! Do you know how happy that makes me???

But now I have all sorts of errands to run. Gotta get my driver's license renewed (I've been driving on an expired one for a while now shhhh) and take the dog to the vet (poor Moxie's health has been neglected and laundry and the list goes on. Then we leave for Cali and Vegas on Sunday. YAY ... still have to plan what we're going to do. Send me suggestions!

Not feeling particularly inspired to write. But here's a funny photo of Moxie! She schleeps funny:

Moxie Sleeping!

Monday, December 04, 2006

American Pencils

This is very random and I should be writing my paper. So I am using this really old pencil case that my friends got me for my birthday in secondary school. It's one of those old-school ones that's completely metal. Recently all my 'free' pencils have been breaking on me so I needed to get new pencils. It is very weird, because Americans don't seem to believe in lead?? They all use these disposable bic pencils. So sadly I crossed over to the dark side and bought the cheapo bic ones since it's more of a hassle to find lead. In college I actually bothered to buy nice stationary whenever I went home. Now I just don't have time to find nice cool asian pencils :(

Maybe after exams ... oh and speaking of laptop bags, I am using this really ugly one with the school logo on it because its free. I feel so ghetto...

I'll post a photo of the pencil case later!