Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Home Free ... For Now

OMG Finals are over and so is my semester from hell. I am also at least 5 lbs heavier but hey I never have to look at accounting again! Do you know how happy that makes me???

But now I have all sorts of errands to run. Gotta get my driver's license renewed (I've been driving on an expired one for a while now shhhh) and take the dog to the vet (poor Moxie's health has been neglected and laundry and the list goes on. Then we leave for Cali and Vegas on Sunday. YAY ... still have to plan what we're going to do. Send me suggestions!

Not feeling particularly inspired to write. But here's a funny photo of Moxie! She schleeps funny:

Moxie Sleeping!


diana said...

just stumbled on...ur dog is sooooo cute!

mini said...

moxie says thanks :)