Friday, October 12, 2007

What I do at night ..... 2.45 a.m.

FACEBOOK!!! Ok so I was actually doing serious stuff like homework and writing cover letters but then I got distracted. See hubs and I were talking today about whether print newspaper would go out of style ... and we decided that the answer is no. Because reading serious articles on the web is too distracting!!! There are like a billion other things to do while you're online.

Ok so now that my fb'ing is justified, I can get to the point. You see there is no one online or awake to tell my omfg this is so gosh darned shocking news I learned. (Discovered on facebook of course)

OK so here it is ...

1) This nerdy famous professor dude that hubs adores (HAHA) was actually my classmate!!! Even though I've seen his photo like a billion times it hasn't registered ... till today ... when I was browsing people who graduated college my year on FB (where else) HEHE. Good thing his name starts with A, or it would have taken me all night to discover it. (Double HEHE) And come to think of it, I DO remember him now ... next to a vending machine in the computer cluster -> shocking!

2) My old college friend turned stalker/enemy is in Boston. GASP. His last name also starts with A haha. Wait till I get to the other letters of the alphabet. Oh and he has a profile photo on mem drive (where I go everyday!) with Boston in the background DOUBLE GASP ! But don't worry folks, I exaggerate a little, he is not really a stalker, just a little psycho keke.

Ok but my public service announcement for tonight is REMEMBER to make your profiles private on facebook. Don't be discovered by kaypohs like me :D ...