Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's Growing??

So I bought some potted rosemary and parsley some time back. I was inspired by Michael Chiarello on the Food Network. He always has fresh herbs growing in his back yard! Wow how fabulous right? I had visions of barefoot me cooking pasta and nonchalently plucking fresh parsley from my little herb plants.

OK that was 2 months back. Fast forward to today. The rosemary is dead and the parsley is yellow. It's a wonder Moxie is still alive eh? HEEHEE But guess what the most disgusting thing is!! Today I actually found something growing in our pot of dead Rosemary.

A freaking MUSHROOM!!! OMG it thrives!!


Oh and for dramatic effect, here's the herbs looked when I first got em. I'm a plant murderer :(

Rosemary and Parsley

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Find me a laptop bag

I am such a wannabe. Decided to be a rebel and got a MacBook for school. They explicitly state at the school that Windows is the standard. But what the hell ... Macs are so nice. *Caresses new MacBook* And the MacBook can dual boot in windows. And another added bonus is I have my own tech support (DH) at home muahahahah :D

So now I need a cool laptop bag. None of those ugly black ones that scream the name of your company or school for me ok? I also want one that I can use daily through the seasons, when I'm dressed up or dressed down. Something that is classic but not boring. Must be able to carry other items too like a notebook, cell phone, wallet etc. Also cannot be too expensive. Haha a tall order eh.

I've narrowed it down to these bags:

But is flannel really suited for all seasons?

Would I get sick of the patterns?

Or a bowler from Freddy and Ma. You can design your own, but there are so many cool fabrics. I can't decide! The bowler is the boxy one.

Kate Spade. These are soooo cute! They have much cooler designs in Japan than the US. Sadly it's also the most expensive at $400++ and would be hard to get since it's only available in Japan :(

Click on the image to see how a laptop fits oh so nicely into the bag. Also comes with a laptop case and mouse pad. *DIES from coolness*

Which should I get? Send me the links if you know bags I might like :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Photos are Deceiving

More adventures from the kitchen! We made paella for our Spanish potluck on Sunday. Lookie! Doesn't it look sooo yummy? The assortment of colors, the anticipation of yummy seafood ... We added pork, chorizo, mussels, shrimp, chicken thighs, squid, artichokes, peas. We sure had high hopes for this dish.

Our Paella

Ahh but you must see this coming given the post title. The dish was a disaster because we didn't finish cooking the rice before we left the house. The rice got all mushy and over cooked in the car ride over. :( Our poor tortured friends got to eat this concoction haha ... oh well we'll make it up next time.

Hrmmm I feel like making yam cake this weekend. Haven't had this in ages! *Dreams of yam cake with chilli ketchup*

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Will you be my friend?

OMG I have never been so desperate in my life!! Thanks to my friend J, I started watching this teeny bopper korean drama on youtube. It's this rags to riches love story about an 18 year old girl who marries into the Korean Royal family. Of course the crown prince and her hate each other initially but eventually fall in love. A tried and true formula.

But I digress ... I've been enjoying these episodes (my guilty pleasure), 4 so far, till today! Apparently you can mark videos on youtube as "private" and now I can't watch episodes 5-24 unless I am the "friend" of the person who uploaded the video. OMG *SHRIEKSSSSSSSSSSSS* I cannot believe this is happening to me!!!

So I've requested to be this person's friend. And I am waiting ... waiting ... till I this person agrees to be my friend. Will he/she? Please please will you let me be your friend? Pretty Please? I will even let you sit with me during recess and share my mamee noodles.

The cast of the drama Goong (aka Palace). Ok cheesy costumes I know ... but but who can resist a good love story?

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I finally quit my job 2 days ago. My first time! Can you believe I've never quit before? Ok well maybe from summer jobs, but that's expected. Congratulations to moi! And thanks to FQ for listening to me whine about this. :)

Now I can stop acting like I care. 6 more weeks to go. I did feel a slight tinge of panic afterall I'm giving up getting paid. Boohoo no more dinky lifestyle. Anyway I just sent out the email before I left work and everyone and their mother will find out tomorrow morning. I find it so weird that I was told to make the announcement to the entire group so early on, even people I don't usually work with.