Thursday, June 01, 2006


I finally quit my job 2 days ago. My first time! Can you believe I've never quit before? Ok well maybe from summer jobs, but that's expected. Congratulations to moi! And thanks to FQ for listening to me whine about this. :)

Now I can stop acting like I care. 6 more weeks to go. I did feel a slight tinge of panic afterall I'm giving up getting paid. Boohoo no more dinky lifestyle. Anyway I just sent out the email before I left work and everyone and their mother will find out tomorrow morning. I find it so weird that I was told to make the announcement to the entire group so early on, even people I don't usually work with.


matreshka said...

Unless you explained in your email why you're leaving, I think you've gotta start wearing a name tag that says:

"I'm leaving because..."

heh heh. Yay!

mini said...

you know..that name tag thing is a very good idea!! i'm serious hehe

gracie said...

congrats! Now we can all be struggling students! =D

S* said...

yay! welcome to gainful unemployment!!

singaporegrrl said...

ohmygosh! So very brave of you. I think it's going around. ;)
Thanks for the good wishes!