Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ass Whipping in the Pool

To make our $90/month newly minted gym membership worthwhile, we made our way down to the Newton YMCA pool to swim laps. Yeah yeah I know it won't last but still ... Anyway all was going well till this 80 year old grandma type asked to share our lane. Granny then proceeded to kick butt by speeding past me at this lightning pace. Poor out of shape me wasn't able to get ahead of her no matter how hard I pushed my flabby self. Finally when we were taking a breather at the edge of the pool, I told her that I had to stop after every lap NOT because I was tired but because Peck and I were sharing a pair of goggles. Right ... I could see her secretly mocking me from behind her freaking scuba mask.

Block Party @ 34 Beecher

I decided to try my hand at making agar agar this weekend to take to a neighbourhood supper at our landlord's place (downstairs). My past failures at making this typically Singaporean dessert did not deter me from trying again. I like to think that my cooking skills have improved since the last time I attempted this dish back in college. Don't be deceived though, agar agar is actually very simple to make! It actually turned out pretty well (don't laugh!). I even made the more advanced 2 layer kind with a plain layer on top and a coconut flavored layer below. Sounds like I'm a 'Fang Tai' in the making huh? *grin* (remember Fang Tai? That Singaporean lady who used to host cookings shows on channel 8!)

The party was suprisingly interesting. Got to meet our neighbours who live down the street. Most of them are pretty old and their familes have been living on this street for at least a century. Also met a descendant of the Beecher who used to own this street! They were all really sweet and make really good dessert!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Revenge Sweet is Thy Name

So I hear from The Wedding Papparazi (videographers for our wedding) today that we need to make a decision on whether we want 'Express Highlights' included in our package. Express Highlights mean clips from the morning's events will be edited and played at the reception in the evening for our guests. Apparently, they can only handle one of these requests per day and someone else is enquiring about this for *OUR* wedding date. Luckily we get first dibs.

OK I know this is a lame reason to make a decision but these people must be the same people who booked the photographers we wanted!!! Must be!! The first 4 photographers I'd short listed, all gone, nada zilch. How many people can be getting married on July 30??? And why are they so blurdy kiasu to have done this all like 8 months in advance. Anyway I am vindictive and I want to say EAT THAT I WIN the battle for the videographer. That was an easy decision. Express highlights are mine .... muahahha

But back to The Wedding Papparazi check out this express video they did for a client's wedding.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Olly RIP - 2-11-2005

News Flash: Embarking on a killing spree Moxie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi delivered the final rip to her favorite stuffed elephant, Olly (named after the Olliphants in LOTR). Her path of destruction spared none of her furry pals ... goodbye Wonder Bred, Bunnikins and Yellow Fleece Bear. Only extra tuff nylabones for Moxie from now on.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Spanking New Blog - Spanking New Year

The inaugural post to my spanking new blog, a great way to start the lunar new year. Speaking of which I haven't been home (Singapore) to celebrate in 8 years. Has it really been that long? Man I miss pigging out on ba kwa, pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, and that Green Spot orange soda! Ahh Green Spot so artificial yet so good. Turns out they are still in production, they even have it in them 80's style glass bottles. WOW