Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Block Party @ 34 Beecher

I decided to try my hand at making agar agar this weekend to take to a neighbourhood supper at our landlord's place (downstairs). My past failures at making this typically Singaporean dessert did not deter me from trying again. I like to think that my cooking skills have improved since the last time I attempted this dish back in college. Don't be deceived though, agar agar is actually very simple to make! It actually turned out pretty well (don't laugh!). I even made the more advanced 2 layer kind with a plain layer on top and a coconut flavored layer below. Sounds like I'm a 'Fang Tai' in the making huh? *grin* (remember Fang Tai? That Singaporean lady who used to host cookings shows on channel 8!)

The party was suprisingly interesting. Got to meet our neighbours who live down the street. Most of them are pretty old and their familes have been living on this street for at least a century. Also met a descendant of the Beecher who used to own this street! They were all really sweet and make really good dessert!

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mini said...

Loo don't worry I will save some for you :)