Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Revenge Sweet is Thy Name

So I hear from The Wedding Papparazi (videographers for our wedding) today that we need to make a decision on whether we want 'Express Highlights' included in our package. Express Highlights mean clips from the morning's events will be edited and played at the reception in the evening for our guests. Apparently, they can only handle one of these requests per day and someone else is enquiring about this for *OUR* wedding date. Luckily we get first dibs.

OK I know this is a lame reason to make a decision but these people must be the same people who booked the photographers we wanted!!! Must be!! The first 4 photographers I'd short listed, all gone, nada zilch. How many people can be getting married on July 30??? And why are they so blurdy kiasu to have done this all like 8 months in advance. Anyway I am vindictive and I want to say EAT THAT I WIN the battle for the videographer. That was an easy decision. Express highlights are mine .... muahahha

But back to The Wedding Papparazi check out this express video they did for a client's wedding.

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