Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day in Reykjavik

We're here! We're here! Got in on the red eye and spent the day roaming around the city center. Ok ok we took a 2 hr nap in the afternoon. Some interesting Iceland facts by moi :)

- Are you sure this isn't the Ikea theme park?
- Icelanders aren't as tall as I imagined.
- Icelanders have are obsessive about Abercrombie and hoodies?!
- It's green, humid, and mossy
- All tourists are easily identified by their waterproof rain jackets
- A coke costs USD$2.50
- You can cover the entire city in 1/2 a day
- According to the tourist map Iceland has ghosts and trolls
- Strangely Iceland reminds me of Dharma Initiative videos on Lost

Is this a troll, goblin, or viking?

Oooh yes I scored a cute pair of gloves from Tiger for $5! They're even made in Denmark not China. Shocking! I'm so pleased with my purchase. Need to get a photo later.

Feeling sleepy now. Will try to connect again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Vaca!

We're going on vacation and so is Moxie! She off to Summer Camp where she gets to hang out with her family. Nicer than it sounds because Moxie and her mom don't get along. Last summer, Moxie got bitten on the paw from a scuffle with mom! GASP Dogs, so much drama.

At the breeders, I was excited to see that Moxie has new sisters! Well half siblings. Promiscuous mom heehee. Her sisters are still puppies and adorable! Didn't get photos because we were in a hurry but I am so looking forward to cuddling them when we go pick Moxie up. It's been a long time since I hugged a puppy TEEHEE.

I did get a photo of a photo of her brother Simon from Halloween.

ARRRrrrr I'm a pirate!

OK I better run now. Got a plane to catch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Countdown to Iceland

I hope all my reservations are in order hehe :) Still have to do laundry and pack. One slight problem, I'm not sure how to pack efficiently since we'll be driving round the island and staying at different hotels almost every night. And because it's going to be between 40 and 60F, we'll need to bring thicker clothes and shoes not flip flops haha. Not to mention our laptop and other assorted junk. does one pack light??

Friday, August 15, 2008


The Mox claims anything that's somewhat soft and on the floor as hers. I put our comforter on the floor today when I was taking photos of our bed (for sale). And in a split second she was all curled up on the comforter! I had to wrestle her off. %@*#!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Golfin We Go

Look at me, so pro huh? My first 18 holes! But really, what's the maximum number of strokes one can hit before one should give up? Yes yes, "one" is really me.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Sad Attention Span

ADD? I can't sit still and concentrate at the movie theater anymore. I need to ... I don't know ... surf facebook at the same time or read or chat. This struck me as a possibility after I watched The Dark Knight. I know this movie got really high ratings and all but did anyone else find it a bit too long??? I like Batman's cool bike though and his "discrete" lambo heha. Maybe someday I will know "someone" who has one ... ;)

I watched Wall-E a couple weeks back too. It was good but erh I have to confess I was also fidgety. Sex and the City barely held my attention save for the cute outfits (but that movie just wasn't good). So it must be me?

And it must be even worst for those poor kids growing up today. We didn't have the internet or cell phones or sms or laptops back then. I'm damn old. =(

On the Bright Side ...

Amidst the depressing fall of the USD's value, I read today that the dollar strengthened 26% (ytd) against the Icelandic Krona! Shocking. So why is everything still so expensive? Hurh hurh hurh?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Our Annivesary Dinner

And our gifts to ourselves: matching iPhones!!! Hee hee as if I need more reason to be online constantly and hitting refresh. Apple I relove you (sort of).

TBC ...