Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Vaca!

We're going on vacation and so is Moxie! She off to Summer Camp where she gets to hang out with her family. Nicer than it sounds because Moxie and her mom don't get along. Last summer, Moxie got bitten on the paw from a scuffle with mom! GASP Dogs, so much drama.

At the breeders, I was excited to see that Moxie has new sisters! Well half siblings. Promiscuous mom heehee. Her sisters are still puppies and adorable! Didn't get photos because we were in a hurry but I am so looking forward to cuddling them when we go pick Moxie up. It's been a long time since I hugged a puppy TEEHEE.

I did get a photo of a photo of her brother Simon from Halloween.

ARRRrrrr I'm a pirate!

OK I better run now. Got a plane to catch!

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~e~ said...

Safe travels mini!