Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day in Reykjavik

We're here! We're here! Got in on the red eye and spent the day roaming around the city center. Ok ok we took a 2 hr nap in the afternoon. Some interesting Iceland facts by moi :)

- Are you sure this isn't the Ikea theme park?
- Icelanders aren't as tall as I imagined.
- Icelanders have are obsessive about Abercrombie and hoodies?!
- It's green, humid, and mossy
- All tourists are easily identified by their waterproof rain jackets
- A coke costs USD$2.50
- You can cover the entire city in 1/2 a day
- According to the tourist map Iceland has ghosts and trolls
- Strangely Iceland reminds me of Dharma Initiative videos on Lost

Is this a troll, goblin, or viking?

Oooh yes I scored a cute pair of gloves from Tiger for $5! They're even made in Denmark not China. Shocking! I'm so pleased with my purchase. Need to get a photo later.

Feeling sleepy now. Will try to connect again.


~e~ said...

Wah, price of coke has dropped since 2005, it was about US$7 then.

Are you off to the glaciers tomorrow?

mini said...

I read that the value of the krona has dropped alot recently! We r lucky :) but of course stuff still isn't cheap

~e~ said...

Btw, I forgot if I mentioned to bring eyeshades with you! Otherwise, rather hard to sleep...

Have fun and drive safe! Looking forward to seeing P's amazing photos :p

Sky said...

ayyyy... troll boogers(!)

Inspira said...

I like troll.....*hheeeeeeeeeeeee*