Sunday, September 25, 2005

Our New Addiction

Gran Centenario AƱejo!!! It's all K's fault why did he introduce us to this. I think we're turning into lushes (especially hubs haha). We had the most delicious margaritas down at K's place a couple weeks ago. The secret apparently is in the tequila used. You have to get the good stuff. No more cheap Jose Cuervo crap from college parties. Craving some, we raced down to the liquor store last Friday night right before closing time to grab a bottle. It was even on sale at only $45! Nice.

Anyway we've been having these damn margaritas almost every night now. The tequila is so smooth, you barely even taste it (I don't know if that's the point since you can drink it on the rocks, but whatever I'm no connoisseur), and no hangovers or headaches either. Very nice. Oh and an added benefit is you end up sleeping like a baby, like you've taken Nyquil or something. :) Niceeeeeeee

Our home made margaritas. That bar set I bought hubs for his b'day sure comes in handy now.


Boston's Best Korean BBQ

I don't usually write about our food forays since I always forget my camera when we go out. It also makes me feel kinda nerdy snapping away at the food. This time though, I managed to get some photos!

We headed up to New Jung Su BBQ in Burlington for dinner on Friday night. We used to frequent Koreana in Cambridge for our Korean fix but we haven't been back since J took us to this new place. The food is as good as that at Koreana but it's out in the burbs so there isn't the hassle of parking and the long wait. Well actually Koreana has a more extensive menu but the BBQ items are comparable. We had the Kalbi, some spicy pork thingy, both cooked at the table, and the tofu chigae. The Kalbi was excellent! The spicy pork was alright, we'll have to stick to the beef next time.

Looks yum right? The spicy pork is in the foil:
Korean BBQ Dinner

I love variety. The little sides dishes are the highlight for me:
Kim Chee

A painting on the wall, I thought it was cool since it features my favorite POM wonderful pomergranates (very high in anti oxidants!). Though the damn birds seem to be enjoying it. Weird....

They don't have a liquor license, but I believe you can byob.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Christmas Catalog 2006?

Check out what hubs made with our spare (almost busted) laptop - a live updating photo frame/display for our living room! It tells time, date, weather, traffic with live updates, and rotates photos from our Flickr feed. He was quite dissapointed when I wasn't floored when I saw it, but hey see I am, I am blogging about it!

Anyway the desktop uses Konfabulator (some new software don't ask me to explain, I can't) and pulls in info from different websites (wait correction, he says it's widgets... butwhatever). I really think we should sell this to Neiman Marcus to display alongside LV trunks, and private jets, in their ostentatious christmas catalog. :)


Friday, September 16, 2005

Shoes Shoes and more Shoes

Read recently that Condoleeza Rice was seen shopping for shoes at a Ferragamo boutique in NYC, a couple days after hurricane Katrina hit. Of course a big brouhaha ensued. Duh ... the woman should take a lesson or 2 from me. Sweetheart take your shoe shopping online ...

Speaking of which, I finally received the shoes I got from the Neiman Marcus online sale last week. I managed to snag a pair of Burberry Dr. Scholls for only $50 (marked down from $150) and also a pair of Delman D'orsay pumps with free shipping! Woohoo! I also wanted the Via Spiga Spectator pumps for $50 but sadly they were sold out by the time I got home to make my second order (hah). Do that many people shop online? Are there really that many psycho shopper like me out there? *sigh* Nothing makes me feel happier than a good bargain! :) BTW Condi they had Ferragmos too! And all for less than $100

Moxie checking out my new shoes. She better not chew on them if she knows what's good for her !!!
Burberry Dr Scholls and Mox

South Park Me

Say hello to South Park me, so sweet yet so deadly.

Say hello to South Park hubs. It really looks like him!
Peck in south park

Wanna create your own? Click here. I guarantee hours of fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Need a Maid

Our apt is a freaking dump. It looks like someone ransacked the entire place. The good news though is that we don't have to worry about burglars coming in. HAH. But one can only tolerate the mess for so long. Spent the better part of the weekend cleaning. I am so proud of myself. Check out the vast difference. I promise I didn't stuff all the junk on the bed into the closet or something lame like that. :)

Guest Room Before and After

Much as I'd like to blame the mess on the dog, the hubs, etc. I'll have to admit, I'm just not very good at keeping my place neat and tidy. I used to have an obstacle path leading to my bed in college and sometimes I couldn't locate the other side of my shoes. Now is anyone able to make me feel better by showing that their place is worst off than mine? :) (guess it's doubtful but the challenge is on)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who who who who .... Being psycho dog lovers, we drove down to NJ last weekend to meet Pasha, my cousin's new German Shepard puppy. He turned out to be the sweetest pup who loves collapsing by your feet. Awwww.... and he's only 3months old so his ears haven't stood up fully yet. Right now they're kinda crazy looking making him even cuter!

Moxie and Pasha posing for the camera:

You can see more Pasha photos here. Check out his too big paws. They are surprisingly soft compared to Moxie's. I love big paw paws. Saturday was also baby E's first birthday party! He's seen here with his grandma (my aunt). Isn't he such a cutie pie?
With Grandma

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging around the house with the dogs, though we did manage to drive into the city (which was surprisingly empty) and hung out with some old friends who used to live in Boston. Why has everyone moved to NYC? *sniff*

Friday, September 02, 2005

Late to the Durai Party

We received an email at work today about the company matching donations made to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. Feeling really bad for the poor Katrina victims who've lost everything, I reached for my credit card to make a donation. I mean which Singaporean can resist a good bargain right? My donation will be worth even more!

I mentioned this to hubs who then made a jab at how I better be sure the CEO isn't getting overpaid like the infamous Durai! Curiosity stirred, I did some research and learned that the Red Cross CEO, Marsha Evans, is paid US$450k a year.

Ah hah, now I've heard some arguments that people are just jealous Durai is getting paid so well, that running a large organization like the NKF is really tough and you gotta pay the best man for the job and blah blah blah. But let's do the math here.

Salary: US$360k
NKF Program Expenses: US$4.8 million
% Salary: 8.4%


Salary: US$450k
Red Cross Program Expenses: US$2.8 Billion
% Salary: 0.02%

Tadah!!! Confirm overpaid!! This Marsha woman is running an organization with expenditure of over USD$ 3 billion. And Durai?? Using the Red Cross as a rough guideline, he should only get SGD$137,600 a year. Sounds reasonable, it's more than 10k a month ok. Not like he will have to pimp out his kids or anything. Come to think of it, it's not really be his fault except for the lying part. Now who were the fucktards who decided to pay him that much in the first place???

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bargain Hunter

Yay my new Charles David shoes from Amazon finally arrived! Who knew that Amazon sells shoes too eh? The best part is I got them for $30 marked down from at least a $100!! So cheap right? Free shipping too muahahha. Very pleased with my purchase. It's been a while since I've done any shopping. Was too obsessed with wedding planning and became quite frumpy for a while. But I'm back on track!

Love the shoes, only dissapointing thing is that it's made in china (but what do you expect for $30). Stuff made in china just seems so mass produced and of poor workmanship. Apparently many companies are moving their operations to China due to lower cost. Of course the savings aren't passed on to us consumers. What were you thinking? Duh! It's hard to find mid-range designer shoes/bags not made in China for less than $300! Kate Spade, Cole Haan, Coach ... all made in china!! **@*#!! ... but back to the shoes.

So cute! And the heels make my legs look longer :)