Monday, September 19, 2005

Christmas Catalog 2006?

Check out what hubs made with our spare (almost busted) laptop - a live updating photo frame/display for our living room! It tells time, date, weather, traffic with live updates, and rotates photos from our Flickr feed. He was quite dissapointed when I wasn't floored when I saw it, but hey see I am, I am blogging about it!

Anyway the desktop uses Konfabulator (some new software don't ask me to explain, I can't) and pulls in info from different websites (wait correction, he says it's widgets... butwhatever). I really think we should sell this to Neiman Marcus to display alongside LV trunks, and private jets, in their ostentatious christmas catalog. :)



matreshka said...

Wow! Fantastic idea!

Maybe I should do that with my 6 year old museum-friendly Acer notebook too! I have widgets on my mac... but i've no idea how to explain it too. Still a newbie :p

gracie said...

wah nice job! what would we do without our sexy geeks eh?

mini said...

i will have to tell him about how he has 'fans' :D lol i'm sure he'll be pleased

Gabby said...

Waaaaah...ultra cool!