Sunday, September 25, 2005

Boston's Best Korean BBQ

I don't usually write about our food forays since I always forget my camera when we go out. It also makes me feel kinda nerdy snapping away at the food. This time though, I managed to get some photos!

We headed up to New Jung Su BBQ in Burlington for dinner on Friday night. We used to frequent Koreana in Cambridge for our Korean fix but we haven't been back since J took us to this new place. The food is as good as that at Koreana but it's out in the burbs so there isn't the hassle of parking and the long wait. Well actually Koreana has a more extensive menu but the BBQ items are comparable. We had the Kalbi, some spicy pork thingy, both cooked at the table, and the tofu chigae. The Kalbi was excellent! The spicy pork was alright, we'll have to stick to the beef next time.

Looks yum right? The spicy pork is in the foil:
Korean BBQ Dinner

I love variety. The little sides dishes are the highlight for me:
Kim Chee

A painting on the wall, I thought it was cool since it features my favorite POM wonderful pomergranates (very high in anti oxidants!). Though the damn birds seem to be enjoying it. Weird....

They don't have a liquor license, but I believe you can byob.


matreshka said...

korean food. yummmmmmmmm...

had something similar just now too, cept it was Japanese Teppanyaki at a hilltop restaurant near the Jurong Bird Park. So full now *burp* Oops

mini said...

wah sounds yum!! i dont know of a place for good japanese teppanyaki here :( they call it hibachi in the US and it's not the least bit authentic :p