Sunday, September 25, 2005

Our New Addiction

Gran Centenario Añejo!!! It's all K's fault why did he introduce us to this. I think we're turning into lushes (especially hubs haha). We had the most delicious margaritas down at K's place a couple weeks ago. The secret apparently is in the tequila used. You have to get the good stuff. No more cheap Jose Cuervo crap from college parties. Craving some, we raced down to the liquor store last Friday night right before closing time to grab a bottle. It was even on sale at only $45! Nice.

Anyway we've been having these damn margaritas almost every night now. The tequila is so smooth, you barely even taste it (I don't know if that's the point since you can drink it on the rocks, but whatever I'm no connoisseur), and no hangovers or headaches either. Very nice. Oh and an added benefit is you end up sleeping like a baby, like you've taken Nyquil or something. :) Niceeeeeeee

Our home made margaritas. That bar set I bought hubs for his b'day sure comes in handy now.



matreshka said...

hey... can give me the recipe? ;)

mini said...

it's actually very easy! 1 part tequila and 3 parts of the margarita mix (can be bought from cold storage or something). can throw in a slice of lime too for kicks.