Monday, October 03, 2005

Bills Bills Bills

When L told me the other day her first vet bill came up to over $200 I was appalled. Told her that ours was cheaper (yeah right I'd obviously forgotten how much it can come up to :p). Anyway I took Moxie to the vet today for her annual check up, you know the usual round of shots, nothing special. But guess what! The total came up to $227. I was feeling quite faint at that point. Excuse me, but my visit to the doctor's only has a $10 copay. Even without insurance, I don't think it'd be more than a $100 right?? WTF???? At this rate Moxie better be able to double up as a furry designer purse for me ;)

Oh yes and I finally got the bill for my wisdom tooth surgery. A whopping $3k. Luckily half will be covered by my insurance and the other half by hubs'company. But of course the inept idiots at the hospital billing dept still haven't gotten my insurance info right after at least 5 harrassive phone calls from me. So who knows when I'm going ot get my $$ back. Looks like I'll have to call them again tomorrow. :( *groan*


matreshka said...

and i was just moaning abt my $200 spend today on my dogs (x2) on food and grooming. Then I realise that my $200's in SGD whereas yours is USD. Think I should count myself lucky :p

mini said...

she has to get her fractured tooth extracted too :( dunno why the vet is so friggin ex. *clutches wallet*