Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Room with View?

We moved offices several weeks ago and I finally scored one with a window, only to find that having a window isn't all that exciting. I'm not liking the variable lighting conditions brought on by the weather. I actually like it nice, dark, and gloomy in my office. Other reasons why I dislike the new space ...

1) Can't use my glareguard now since the light bounces off the screen. The reflection makes it impossible to read.
2) The door has windows it in??!?! So much for privacy hrmp.
3) It's a pain to walk to the main building especially in crappy weather (which is all the time in NE)
4) The gym is in the building (I don't have an excuse not to go anymore)
5) No more cafeteria or vending machines in the building (only a stupid 25 cent gumball machine type contraption that ate my quarter today. so much for my 3pm sugar fix *@*#!)
6) Shady bathrooms that don't seem to flush properly (but on the bright side they have those fancy motion activated paper towel dispensers)

Yes I'm very whiny. Ok ok check out the view. Nice scenery huh? Haha but I confess I faked it by pointing the camera up. We're only on the second floor so I can see the parking garage below when I'm sitting at my desk. How therapeutic.


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