Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moxie's Tooth

Poor Moxie has a fractured molar and we have no idea how she broke the tooth. It's actually not surprising since she is silly and goes through xtra tuff nylabones like doggie biscuits. The vet doesn't think it's the nylabones that caused the fracture but something really hard, like a rock. The sad part is I can totally see her trying to destroy a rock with her bare teeth. *sigh*

So we were faced with the dilemma of how to get the tooth fixed. There are 2 options 1) extraction and 2) a root canal. Yup root canals, I kid you not. Ironic since there are homeless starving people, people with no health insurance, and here is our dog getting a friggin root canal?!??! Anyway after more research and asking around it seems an extraction would be the best option (let me know if you think otherwise) since it is less complicated and heals faster and not to mention cheaper. Not that extractions are cheap, they run like $400! *weeps*

Here's her broken tooth:
Moxie's Fractured Tooth


'Thought & Humor' said...
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gracie said...

wah so expensive! this is defintely another reason why I'm not getting a pet even though they are so adorable.

mini said...

yah ..i'm about to go pick her up now. don't want to know the damage haha

gracie said...

heya! a friend of mine from sg wants me to help pick up some 'OraVet Barrier Sealant' - for teeth problems in dogs. Apparently it's not available in SG yet. Do you know if this is available off the counter (like in a pet store) or do I need to get a vet prescription for it? Thanks

mini said...

How funny, the vet was telling me about this when i took moxie in for surgery.

You'll have to buy this from the vet (but I don't think a prescription is necessary). apparently the vet has to apply some kind of chemical during teeth cleaning before these home applications can be effective.

let me know how it goes :)

gracie said...

okie thanks!