Friday, October 14, 2005

Time to Buy?

I've recently noticed a ton of for house sale signs everywhere I go. You know, when I'm walking the dog, driving to work, driving around town etc. Decided to put it to a test this morning by counting the number of 'for sale' signs I see on the 10 mile stretch from home to work (wouldn't recommend trying this, if I weren't such a good driver (hah) I'd have driven into the guard rail).

The total count *drumroll please* 17, not including most of the houses on the opposite side of rt9 that I missed! Damn I think that's a pretty big number. It's almost 2 house per mile along a major road. Could it be true? Is the housing market finally coming down? Will hubs and I finally be able to buy a home??? I'm seeing so many more condos in Newton listed for <400k in the past couple weeks. Some pretty nice too. Just last year you wouldn't even get a shack for 400k.

How cute is this one in Brighton? Only 409k?

Oooh or this 1bdrm for $349??

Or this one in back bay for under 500k!

Should we wait till the price falls some more? Nothing pisses me off more than a bad deal!


matreshka said...

the 1 bedroom looks cute. but the one at brighton looks llike it can give alot of room for Mox to run around :)

Gabby said...

Eh got pictures of the Brighton one inside? i like the looks of it but of course we must never judge a house by its front door. bad joke.

mini said...

haha yah the inside is probably crap ... that's why they have no photos of it

Gabrielle said...

well i'll go for the backbay one then...the patio is cute.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I heard that property prices across the USA is at an all-time high. Has the bubble burst yet?

I visited Boston once in 1993. My little sister went to university there and I visited her. Nice place.