Monday, October 17, 2005

A Very Sony Weekend

Hub's friend from college,T, was in town on a business trip and stayed with us over the weekend. Well you see, he's a vet and was here to treat a very sick dog at the Museum of Science.

Hubs with the sick dog. Aibs is cool!
peck and aibo

We also got a treat from T (courtesy of sony) at Oga's, my favorite Japanese restaurant! Yum :) In my very biased opinion, Oga's is the best in the Boston area. Even better than the ones in the city proper (Ginza, Fugakyu etc). And according to our also very biased Japanese friend N, the chefs are really japanese (not taiwanese or korean ok), so of course that is a measure of quality haha. It's only other rival is Oiishi which seats only 14 ppl so there is a guaranteed loooong wait. We don't bother to go there except for take out.

Our sushi below. Didn't get to take photos of the rest of the stuff we devoured (too busy eating).
sushi @ oga's

Oh yes and scheduled for delivery this week is a new LCD tv, also from Sony, with a nice employee discount. I tried to convince hubs against this one so we could spend the $$ on purses instead. Sadly (for me) that didn't go down very well.


Gabrielle said...

the presentation of the sushi is fabulous..!!!

my alter ego said...

oh, why not more purses?
we gals can always do with more of them:)

mini said...

gabby> doesn't it look so good?? I'm thinking of heading there again this weekend! oysters uni mirugai scallops .............

alter ego> no fear ... i'm stepping up my purse shopping :)

gracie said...

ooh sushi looks good.
by the way, could u email me your vet contact at bochup at please? I'm wondering if my friend's vet in SG can fax/email your vet to get the prescription for ORAVET sent down to them (at their expense of course). I tried looking for it in SF and since I don't have friends who own dogs... it hasn't been easy. Tried cold calling some vets but all don't carry OraVet.

mini said...

hey gracie, emailed you the vet's phone number. let me know if u need more info!