Friday, October 28, 2005

Friends like These

Do you have friends who are too polite? Who insist on bringing gifts every time they bunk over? Who insist on paying all the time? Damnit they make all the other free loaders (like us) look bad. I usually feel just a little uncomfortable accepting the gifts. After all, what have we done to deserve this? Thankfully my excitement about the gift usually banishes that feeling pretty quickly.

Anyway A and N came up to visit us last weekend and of course brought with them more gifts for us. So paiseh, but it's rude to decline isn't it? In addition to some wine, we got some neat Japanese pastries (wagashi) from Minamoto Kitchoan in New York. They are so delicious, I'm addicted. Every afternoon, I look forward to green tea and a nicely wrapped (you know the japanese) azuki cake or persimon jelly. MmmMMMmmm

As you can see, most of them are gone.
Japanese Confectionaries


matreshka said...

what does wagashi taste like?

mini said...

the azuki one tastes kinda like mooncake. the jelly one isn't as crunchy as agar agar. hey I read that there's a branch in SG taka :) funny how i've never seen it or tried it b4 hehe

my alter ego said...

heh... that is why i always look forward to me mum's friends visitng from Japan, so they always bring such nice cakes n rice crackers.

they are very very addictive!!!