Saturday, October 29, 2005

Snow not Flurries

I can't believe this! It's only October and already snowing. We just skipped right past fall here! I'm not ready to scrape snow from my car yet. And my other peeve is it's hard to look vaguely chic and stay warm once the temperature falls past 30 degrees F. This sucks #*@#*@#!!! :(

The flurries started just as we got back from the park with Moxie. She's posing with the pumpkins outside our apt:
Moxie and the Pumpkins

Mintues later: The view from our kitchen window
Snow in October

Just took another peek, not only is it falling fast, it's accumulating!!! WTF!!!


my alter ego said...


i luv HALLOWEEN...and those pumpkins.

did you crave them yourself?

i have yet to crave one yet, so maybe i will get one 'ready-made' at the market later.

heard that it will be a very very cold winter this year

my alter ego said...

sorry,...i mean Carve

Gabrielle said...

wrap up warm girl...i wish it was snowing here though...

mini said...

alter ego > no they were done by our neighbours ... we just get to enjoy hehe we carved one last year but it was a ton of work! i even hurt my finger scraping the insides out :(

gabs> guess what! after the snow on saturday, it was like 60 degrees F on sunday. crazy!

Gabrielle said...

global warming brrrrrr. I saw a picture of the Amazon River on BBC this morning, its scary! Its almost empty and the fishes are dying!!

gracie said...

yah i hate winter... but sometimes winter jackets can be pretty cool =) Just that I get cold so easily that if it was really winter, I'd have to wear enough to make me look like a polar bear before I'd feel remotely warm. So yah... winter/snow sucks. =P

mini said...

gabs> whoa that's awful ! what's with the weather ..hurricanes, tsunamis , earthquakes (ok not weather) .. so a huge blizzard this year doesn't seem unlikey :(

gracie > I'm always underdressed in winter so i'm always cold. trying to act cool lah hehe. actually the weather is great in SF! there's still the change of seasons and u can do the nice jacket or skirt and boots thing without dying from hypothermia hehe