Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SG Day

We took the bus down to NYC for the first SG day! The lure of authentic hawker food was too much to bear. But now I'm so regretting it because ...

1. I was sick before I left, now I am sicker. My sore throat has morphed into a cold.
2. I thought the weather would be nice so I went. It was too nice .... 80 degrees.
3. Queuing for miniscule portions of food in 80 degree weather sucks.
4. My idol Anthony Bourdain was there but I did not see him. A photo with him would have made my day :P
5. The girl standing behind me in line for 30 minutes had the most annoying shriek ever. I wanted to gag her my kaya finger sandwich
6. Who the hell are the pa paya girls?

Friday, April 13, 2007

My Favorite AI Performances

Alternatives to reading cases ... and procrastinating

DH and I's favorite AI performance ever:

This one is mine :) -> The only AI who can dance:

I'm a closet claymate!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Culture Shock

China was awesome, I especially enjoyed the noodle breakfast every morning :) foot massages and peach egg tarts from KFC! In any case I'm glad to be home. The toilet situation was rough (a hem ..trough) and the people ... aggressive. They can smell a foreigner from a mile away. But it was fun and I wanna go back! So many sights we haven't seen yet ...

Kunming was like any developing city. Suprisingly there was mad infrastruture with roads going out for hours. It also felt very safe, perhaps because the foreign tourists haven't invaded the place yet. We visited a business started on microcredit. The owners were really sweet and J made out (well traded) for a free sweater. Wish we brought more gifts with us!

Picture 128

Dali was aight, not really worth an overnight train ride on the Chinese train there, though it was quite an experience! At least we got to share the cabin with my fellow classmates and fully savor the cigarette smoke emitting vents.

Picture 224

Picture 227

My favorite was Lijiang. It's set in the mountains and gorgeous! Interestingly Singaporean business men have already discovered this place. There is a Banyan Tree Resort in Lijiang (we headed out there when we got tired of roughing it out and needed some 5* luxury). A Singaporean business men also has a private ranch out in the country side .. middle of nowhere but it's beautiful!! And apparently NUS donated money to start a school in one of the little villages we visited.

Walking beyond Yuhu village. Got to experience star status with the crew from CCTV following us. Wonder how they will spin our visit!
Picture 283

Picture 305

But now its back to the real world and studying for midterms booo.

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