Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SG Day

We took the bus down to NYC for the first SG day! The lure of authentic hawker food was too much to bear. But now I'm so regretting it because ...

1. I was sick before I left, now I am sicker. My sore throat has morphed into a cold.
2. I thought the weather would be nice so I went. It was too nice .... 80 degrees.
3. Queuing for miniscule portions of food in 80 degree weather sucks.
4. My idol Anthony Bourdain was there but I did not see him. A photo with him would have made my day :P
5. The girl standing behind me in line for 30 minutes had the most annoying shriek ever. I wanted to gag her my kaya finger sandwich
6. Who the hell are the pa paya girls?


matreshka said...

Photos, photos!

singaporegrrl said...

I read about the SG Day in the Singapore magazine that I get from the embassy in DC! I told my friend who lives in NY to go check it out. too bad you weren't feeling well.

BloatedTomato said...

awww.. am sure you'd have enjoyed it more if you had been well.

So, what food did you savour? heard Seeto brought his dream team there!

mini said...

hey singaporegrrl..too bad it wasn't closer to where u guys are! would have been fun.

tomato ..yah the food was really good!!! did he specially handpick the hawkers? the chilli crab was especially yumm..but the portions were soooo small!! u queue for like 30 minutes and u only get like 1 crab claw sighzzz..