Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who who who who .... Being psycho dog lovers, we drove down to NJ last weekend to meet Pasha, my cousin's new German Shepard puppy. He turned out to be the sweetest pup who loves collapsing by your feet. Awwww.... and he's only 3months old so his ears haven't stood up fully yet. Right now they're kinda crazy looking making him even cuter!

Moxie and Pasha posing for the camera:

You can see more Pasha photos here. Check out his too big paws. They are surprisingly soft compared to Moxie's. I love big paw paws. Saturday was also baby E's first birthday party! He's seen here with his grandma (my aunt). Isn't he such a cutie pie?
With Grandma

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging around the house with the dogs, though we did manage to drive into the city (which was surprisingly empty) and hung out with some old friends who used to live in Boston. Why has everyone moved to NYC? *sniff*


Anonymous said...
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Lucian said...

Great shot of Grandma and Baby!

mini said...

thanks..all photos on the blog are courtesy of hubs. I'm his photo pimp :)

gracie said...

baby looks sooo adorable. is he mixed? =)

Ryan said...

Now, those are some good looking dogs!!

mini said...

hi gracie, yup he is though I think he looks mostly asian!

ryan: thanks :) i can't wait for them to meet each other again

gracie said...

yah he does look mostly asian... but there's just that hint of difference. =) sooooo cute!