Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Sad Attention Span

ADD? I can't sit still and concentrate at the movie theater anymore. I need to ... I don't know ... surf facebook at the same time or read or chat. This struck me as a possibility after I watched The Dark Knight. I know this movie got really high ratings and all but did anyone else find it a bit too long??? I like Batman's cool bike though and his "discrete" lambo heha. Maybe someday I will know "someone" who has one ... ;)

I watched Wall-E a couple weeks back too. It was good but erh I have to confess I was also fidgety. Sex and the City barely held my attention save for the cute outfits (but that movie just wasn't good). So it must be me?

And it must be even worst for those poor kids growing up today. We didn't have the internet or cell phones or sms or laptops back then. I'm damn old. =(


Inspira said...

I'll make you feel better : I suspect I am old-er....sigh.... :-(

mini said...

Don't think so .... but either way it's prolly not significant! 70s? Heheh