Thursday, June 08, 2006

Will you be my friend?

OMG I have never been so desperate in my life!! Thanks to my friend J, I started watching this teeny bopper korean drama on youtube. It's this rags to riches love story about an 18 year old girl who marries into the Korean Royal family. Of course the crown prince and her hate each other initially but eventually fall in love. A tried and true formula.

But I digress ... I've been enjoying these episodes (my guilty pleasure), 4 so far, till today! Apparently you can mark videos on youtube as "private" and now I can't watch episodes 5-24 unless I am the "friend" of the person who uploaded the video. OMG *SHRIEKSSSSSSSSSSSS* I cannot believe this is happening to me!!!

So I've requested to be this person's friend. And I am waiting ... waiting ... till I this person agrees to be my friend. Will he/she? Please please will you let me be your friend? Pretty Please? I will even let you sit with me during recess and share my mamee noodles.

The cast of the drama Goong (aka Palace). Ok cheesy costumes I know ... but but who can resist a good love story?


Leigh said...


So I take it watching this soap isn't something that you would openly admit to? =oD

mini said...

are you kidding me? hell no!! ;)

S* said...


Tell us whether your youtube friend ever responds to your mahmee noodle bribe!!

BTW - are you watching this when you are supposed to be WORKING for the last 6 weeks?

matreshka said...

Ok the guys look a bit strange dressed like that. And the girl on the left looks like Fiona Xie!

Gonna check Goong out!

~e~ said...

aiyoh.... we buy for you the whole set in SG and send to you lah... want? ;p

gracie said...

is it really that good? the costumes very turn-off leh... I am watching the Harvard korean show now and they whole day whole night wear a stupid Harvard sweater (even the laptop got Harvard)... so overkill man. =D

mini said...

S*> I think I'm in! Will I be given the privilege of watching tonight?? Ahh the suspense.

m> the guys are dressed quite "normally" (tho I disapprove of the hot pink sweaters and silk scarfs) the rest of the series.

e> don't tempt me like that leh. i might never leave the house this summer! haha

gracie> I JUST watched 20 minutes of the Harvard one last night! Quite buay tahan the guy's english haha. how to be lawyer???

haha don't let the costumes deter you from watching ok? it's more light hearted than the regular korean love stories. check it out..then we can discuss haha

mini said...

update y'all .... I'm back in! woohoO!

gracie said...

okie will check it out but think I'll ask my friend to see if he can get a copy for me cos he velly good at copying korean dramas. hehe... As for the harvard story - I watch in Chinese so I manage to escape hearing their horrible engrish BUT then I get these really disturbing and completely irrelevant subtitles in English no matter what I do to try and change the subtitles. oh well.. another few more episodes left =D