Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's Growing??

So I bought some potted rosemary and parsley some time back. I was inspired by Michael Chiarello on the Food Network. He always has fresh herbs growing in his back yard! Wow how fabulous right? I had visions of barefoot me cooking pasta and nonchalently plucking fresh parsley from my little herb plants.

OK that was 2 months back. Fast forward to today. The rosemary is dead and the parsley is yellow. It's a wonder Moxie is still alive eh? HEEHEE But guess what the most disgusting thing is!! Today I actually found something growing in our pot of dead Rosemary.

A freaking MUSHROOM!!! OMG it thrives!!


Oh and for dramatic effect, here's the herbs looked when I first got em. I'm a plant murderer :(

Rosemary and Parsley


matreshka said...

hey, at least you've got some stuff that grows. I've got brown fingers. Every living plant that comes to my being turns brown --

Indoor green leaves plant. Brown.
Ginger plant. Brown.
Christmas Poinsettas. Brown.

And get this, I even killed my mini cactus.

mini said...

cactus!? wow now that's impressive :)

singaporegrrl said...

My condolences to you on the the death of your herbs. Can we have a moment of silence please?

*silent moment*

thank you.

BloatedTomato said...

hahaha.. so funny.. i almost rolled off my chair laughing!

perhaps vision is really coming true.. you can cook spaghetti with cream and freshly plucked mushroom!

rhys said...

I killed my cactus too! Actually the drinks auntie did. She watered it too much and the poor thing drowned.

Btw, the mushroom looks kinda yummy...

gracie said...

I think mushroom tastier than rosemary and parsley what. Now you just have to replicate that another 50 times so you have enough of those tiny mushrooms for a dish. hehe

btw I'm never had much of an affinity with plants so I never bothered to try keeping one. Think I'll proly kill it too if I did.

gracie said...

one more thing... THANK YOU for donating to my Walk! I will try my bestest to finish it without taking shortcuts! =D

mini said...

hi y'all...sounds like i'm not alone. phew. oh yes mushroom update ..the mushroom cap actually opened up to spread spores and procreate or something! how disgusting right??? DH was so disgusted he evicted the pot to our patio hahah. as for me I don't even want to touch it :P

gracie> np :) think of us when you feel like stopping haha! *makes face*