Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moxie's First Paddle!

Instead of working on my cover letter for school I spent all evening mucking around trying to compile a video of Moxie's first swim. Ain't I the proud parent!

We visited my cousin over July 4th and dunked poor Mox in the pool muahahah. It turns out that all dogs can actually swim. Yes, even stumpy, pudgy Moxie! I suppose that's why they coined the term doggy paddle. Moxie was really freaked out and you could even hear her breathing really hard as she paddled. HAHA we're evil.

I spent hours on this so you have to watch it! She is mad cute ... ;)

Of course no dog was spared from this experiment. Next we pushed poor unsuspecting Pasha (the wolf) in as he circled the pool. Sadly I didn't get a video of it. We tried pushing him in again but he was too smart to be dunked a second time bleh :P


singaporegrrl said...

Dahling, it is my professional opinion, as I am a professional in the film industry and married to a professional filmmaker, (we have a screening in Boston on 7/29!) that your movie of Moxie is BRILLIANT. BahRilliant, I say.

The editing is well done. There is drama, suspense, doggy politics and success. The music tied everything together nicely. Very well done. Two thumbs up.

I think you might want to reassess your career choice.

matreshka said...

How cek ark... but so farrrrrnieeee!!!

Nelle and Socks have the same reaction too. The last (and only) time we brought them to the beach, we threw them in the water. Guess they were so traumatised, all they wanted to do was clamber on to shore. And if we were in the water, they'd practically grab on to us and climb up to our heads!

Remember the old promenade at World Trade Centre Harbourfront? There was this guy who'd throw his dog into the water (from so high!) and the dog would swim to the staircase and climb back up!

mini said...

singaporegrrl> *bows* thank you thank you!! a true compliment from a professional in the field. =) though I am sure my video is quite amateurish lah. you have a link to the details of the screening?

m > how funny!!! I can totally imagine moxie doing that. my last dog was actually quite strange. he just loved snapping at the waves at east coast park and drink salt water? =S

WOW *gulp* so high! I remember that place. It's gone now? what kind of dog was it? my neighbours dog (retriever) loves to swim! unlike moxie :P

singaporegrrl said...

mini - Screening will be part of the Roxbury Film Festival. Details from the film website.

Trust me, you lil video, was very good! And the guy throwing his dog down from the Harbourfront @ WTC - OMG!!

gracie said...

Great video and I lurved the music! So appropriate! =) You should just start your own video business for proud parents. Better yet... try video for weddings - big money I hear. Then no need to be starving student or write cover letter liao... can just be tow kay (boss) yourself. =D

Milly Me said...

Woooowww!!! Love the video. Moxie looked so cute swimming. I can't imagine the silly shih tzu of mine doing that.

By the way, we sent her to the vet because her right eye was red & swollen. Vet suspected shampoo got into her eye while bathing & her itchy paws had to scratch it further, making the eye red & swollen. So the poor girl had to put on the Elizabethan collar to prevent her from scratching & biting us when we tried to put medicine in the eye. Felt so sorry for her. She's all right now, thankfully but yikes!!

Maybe I should have just dumped her into a pool & let nature do its work. Tee hee!!

mini said...

hi gracie..want to be my angel investor? hee =)

milly> your poor baby!!! awww hope she's all better now. sometimes dogs can be so silly huh?

singaporegrrl> ughk we'll actually be on vacation 7/29! but will forward it along to my friends who might be interested in going :) I'm sure the film is really good!

singaporegrrl said...

Oh! That's too bad. Nevermind, next time, next time! Have a good vaycay.