Saturday, July 08, 2006

What We Did ...

It was a productive 4-day weekend. Besides trying to drown Moxie in the pool we accomplished other things too ...

1) Checked out Jockey Hollow. It's weird that places in the NY/NJ region are often called blah blah hollow. You know like Sleepy Hollow, Jockey Hollow ...what gives! Surprisingly Jockey Hollow is actually somewhat historic since Washington and his troops camped there years ago.

Soldier's Huts

2) Barbequed - But of course, it's July 4th!

3) Visited the Central Park Zoo. I first learned about this zoo from the movie Madegascar. But damnit the movie lied. There were no hippos, lions or giraffes! The kids were devastated and cried their little hearts out... ok ok I jest :)

Group Photo!

4) The dogs had their incessant lovers quarrel. Don't think he's figured out she's an "it".
Battle of the Dogs

5) Visited the mother ship in soho! Beam me up scotty!
The Mother Ship!

6) Dined al fresco and met up with A & N in the city

7) Hung out with A^2 or soon to be A^3?

OK Have I bored you enough with the photo whoring? =) You can see the rest here!


BloatedTomato said...

Got anything from KS? Show me! Show me!
What're the names of the 2 lovely nieces again? i rem the younger one is melissa, how about the older one? She cut her hair short, it seems!
Looks like you've had a fun-filled 4th July weekend!

mini said... didn't get anything. was good and saved money for tuition =) ... and they don't have those cool KS laptop bags here! I swear they make nicer ones for the japanese market.