Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fair Weather Fan

YAY Italy won! =)

Ok so I know I haven't discussed soccer on my blog. And DH calls me a "when it's convenient", fair weather fan. Probably true, but to my credit I've been rooting for the Italian team since the days of Roberto Baggio and Panini sticker books! (Did you know that those sticker books still exist?) I also think the Italian goalie Buffon is so super cool. He's has all these good saves and is intensely psychotic looking. But do you think he waxes his eyebrows? I swear the man does!!!

In my expert eyebrow connoisseur opinion, just like a girl gets her brows done before a big occasion, Buffon got his done to look good before the world cup haha. See ... too deliberately clean. And omg do I see an arch??

We also had a mini World Cup BBQ Party. We had burgers and to keep with the Italian theme I also made tiramisu. I love making tiramisu because the recipe is so easy and it's always yummy! It took me about 20 minutes to prepare.

I used this recipe. But modified it by substituting half the coffee mixture for kahlua to give it an added kick :) Also remember to beat the egg whites till stiff peaks are formed (i.e. when you dip in a spatula and pull it out, the mixture will form a little peak). I didn't and the creamy layer turned out too wet. Thankfully it still tasted delicious!

Tiramisu Innards

Au Poivre Patty from Whole Foods:
My Super Large Burger


~e~ said...

yeah yeah... Italy only cos they've got the cutest guys, right? ;p me too.. hyuk...

gracie said...

thanks for the recipe. will definitely try it someday since u said it's easy =D

mini said...

e> Didn't know I was so transparent?!?! busted. but the italians were much hotter than the french!! hands down haha

gracie > if executed well it can be very impressive =)

rhys said...


BloatedTomato said...

the burger looks damn good!!