Monday, July 17, 2006

Pirate Thieves!

Them thieves stole my $7.50!!! We watched Pirates of the Carribean 2 on Saturday afternoon to escape the heat. I had such high hopes for the movie since the entire cast was back. And Pirates of the Carribean is only like my favoritest movie of all time. You see, I can watch it over and over again without getting bored. *blush*

But I digress, the sequel stunk! The first hour was entertaining but you soon realize that the plot is going no where. The story around Davey Jones' locker was shakey. And I got most pissed off when *ahem* love interests change at the last minute. *$*@#*@ How can it be? They deprived me! I get my kicks out of watching protagonists hook up on the big screen. The movie then ends abruptly because they have to set up the plot for Pirates 3! *shakes fist* I want my money back! I also need to rewatch Pirates 1 to wash away the bad memories of the second movie :P

Anyway I am at work now after a busy weekend. My last week here! But me so sleepy. I had an awful headache last night (most likely from the sun and heat) and took some sleepy-time exedrin which hasn't worn off yet. I need my bed ....*Yawn*


gracie said...

yeah i heard that it was bad. seems like the best move would be to wait till just before PotC 3 is out and netflix PotC 2.

mini said...

good thinking. even the johnny depp, orlando bloom eye candy didn't make it any better for me!